2013 NY Jets mock Draft and a bit more

This mock draft gives Darelle Revis been Traded to the bucs along with Joe Mcknight for a 1st(13)+3rd(11) and Wide Receiver Mike Williams ($1.3m) a 2014 Free agent. I doubt very much that the bucs will be able to pay Revis new contract plus Josh Freeman and then some. Santonio holmes will be gone after this year and Williams will be a good long term investment. In addition i Would Trade Austin Howard to the Saints for their 3rd rounder (12th overall). They lost Jermond Bushrod to free agency and Zack Strief will be a free agent after this season.

Next on draft day I'm trading our #9 to the Chargers for their 11th overall, plus their 2nd #13( yes the 2nd rounder is the price to pay to get in the top 10). After that I would trade the 1st(13) rounder from TB plus to Bilal Powell to the Cowboys for their 1st(18) Pick+2nd(15)+Wide Receiver Dwayne Harris ($615k). I am immediatly trading that 18th pick to the Bengals for their 1st(21)+a 3rd(22). The 3rd round pick from the Bengals I am trading it to the Niners for Kendall Hunter who is coming of an injured year and lost his spot on the depth charge to Lamichael James. Hunter will also be a free agent after this year and cost only $675k.

Yes i know The powerhouse Powell and Mcknight gone oh no how will we survive with those two gone? give me a chance please.

Ok lets get to the draft finally;

1st(11)-Ezekiel Anzah-DE-OLB

Anzah is a man eater with all that athleticism and raw talent. Great combine, amazing senior bowl, disruptive on film. I got to admit I really was not big on Anzah until after the BCS season, and I am sold.

1st(21)-Tyler Eifert-TE

The best Tight end prospect of this draft. Not just a pass catching TE, but a more than adequate blocker on blitz pick up and run blocking. Dutin Keller Replacement will serve as a complement to Jeff Cumberland only on his first season.

2nd(7)-Margus hunt-DE

I hope I hope I hope he Drops this far. he is got Jared allen Junior skills writing all over him. I believe in the hunt.

2nd(13)-Larry Warford-G

Any other year where Warmack and Cooper where not ahead of him people would be drooling over him. He is a man child. Brandon Moore Replacement. Starter right away.

2nd(15)-Mark Cyprien-S

A very good post BCS season and a good combine have cemented his status as one of the best secondary prospects. We are rebuilding and Cyprien will need time to develop. Obviously we have time, as we are not gonna contend any time soon.

3rd(10)-Giovanni Bernard-RB

Perfect back for a west coast offense we are implementing. Fast, elusive, pass catching running back.

3rd(11)-Andres Ellington-RB

Same as Bernard applies here.

3rd(12)-Menelik Watson-T

This is our Right Tackle of the future. Massive mountain of a man. with good balance and a real mauler in the run game.

4th(9)-Brandon Williams-DT/NT

Solid competition for Kenrick Ellis for the future starting Nose Tackle of the Jets. disruptive in the passing game and a good run stopper.

5th(8)-Tyrann Mathieu-CB

Off field stuff and average combine aside Mathieu is a football player smallish, but still a lot of talent.

6th(10)-Johnathan Bostic-ILB

Young linebacker that could learn under the tutelage of David Harris for a couple of years if need be.

7th(9)-Brad Wing-P

When was the last time we had a young punter for a sustain period of time.

Undrafted Free Agent: Zach Boren-FB

So lets review; 4 new Running backs(Bernard, Ellington, Hunter, Goodson), 2 starting O-Linemen(Watson, Warford), a starting Outside Linebacker(Anzah), a punter, a staring Tight end, 2 pass rushers(anzah,Hunt), and 2 Wide Receivers(Williams, Harris).. 2014 is all about the franchise Quaterback. Can you say Manziel, Bridgewater, Fales, etc...

Tell me what you think

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