The David Garrard Jets 7 Round Mock Draft

With so many holes to fill, this draft will only fill some. In this mock, I’m suggesting the Jets will try to live with the wide receivers and quarterbacks they have, ruling out drafting wide receiver Codarrelle Patterson of Tennessee, a popular choice among mockers, and such quarterbacks as EJ Manuel and Landry Jones.

Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama: If he’s as good as advertised, we have to take him here. Jarvis Jones is apparently being cleared by doctors and most are predicting he’ll be gone by pick 9. In the alternative, the Jets may draft up for Jones because this is not a great year for outside line bakers at a time when the Jets need them. Good ones, such as Kansas State’s Arthur Brown and Rutgers’ Khaseem Greene are either small or have limited upsides.

(31)Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame: Okay, here’s hoping for a Revis trade with the 49ers. I still say the Jets desperately need a tight end that can block. The Jets desperately need receivers who can get open. Mercedes Lewis had his one great year in Jacksonville when David Garrard was throwing to him. Also, realistically, Florida’s Jordan Reed is another Dustin Keller. If Reed is what we want, we might as well re-sign Keller. However more expensive, we would need the extra draft pick for other positions.

John Jenkins, DT, Georgia: Believe it or not, this is a value pick. The Jets obviously need outside line backers, another downfield receiver, another cornerback, and what seems like a dozen safeties. Yet the Jets got run over last year. It starts up front with the massive Jenkins, who weighs around 360 pounds and has been impressive in the post season. And as we know, the Jets will move to the 4-3 a lot, and Ellis will need help inside.

Oday Aboushi, OT, Virginia: A Brooklyn native, Aboushi has played both left and right tackle. Should be able to plug him in and start him right away, which the Jets need. Devonte Hollman would be the outside backer to take here, but a right tackle is even more critical.

Leveon Bell, RB, Michigan State. We can probably survive with an improved Bilal Powell at running back, but I’m guessing that Rex Ryan in particular likes Bell’s combination of power and speed. The outside linebacker alternative here would be the speedy Zaviar Gooden of Missouri, but I believe he will be the first pick in this round by Jacksonville.

Josh Evans, FS, Florida: I know there’s talk that the Jets will take TJ McDonald in the 4th round, but Evans is a better cover man and tackler.

Dan Molls, ILB, Toledo. Molls made 86 tackles last year and the Jets need linebacker help against the run.

Stansly Maponga, DE/OLB TCU: This guy is the classic tweener, but he’s a fierce tackler inside or outside.

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