Jets Mock Offseason 3.0

I have the jets trading Darralle Revis To Tampa Bay for a 2013 1st & 3rd round pick and maybe 5 or 6th round pick in 2014.

Free Agency: The Jets have signed Mike Goodson, David Garrard, Willie Colon and Antonio Garay. I like the moves so far because there under the radar moves and the were inexpensive, but I don't think their done. They have also restructured Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie's contracts. Maybe they can also restructure David Harris and D'Brickashaw Ferguson's contracts to make the following moves.

  • Victor Butler: There have been talks of him being signed already but if the jets pull the trigger on him he will be a immediate starter with good pass rushing abilities.
  • Charles Woodson: He might be old but the jets along with 5 other teams still think he has something in the tank. Charles could play multiple positions in Rex Ryan's defense as a starter.


  • Dawan Landry: The jets are expressing interest after losing his brother LaRon Landry to the Colts.
  • Jason Cambell: The Jets are expressing interest in Jason and recent rumors of Kevin Kolb. Even though Kevin might know the system better i'd rather Jason because you cant rely on Kevin if Rex Ryan decides to pull the string on Mark Sanchez again due to his inability to stay healthy.
  • Chris Cooley: A good pass catcher and can serve as a good veteran mentor if the decide to draft a TE.

Resignings: They have already resigned Nick Folk, Lex Hillard,

Mock Draft:

  • Round 1: (OLB) Dion Jordan has a tremendous upside standing at 6-6 250. He is an extremely long athlete who has great speed at the outside linebacker position. He has been compared to Aldon Smith by Mike Mayock.

  • Round 1: (WR) Cordarrelle Patterson is a explosive reciever and a great kick returner. He can add some much needed fear in this Jets offensive. And maybe he could save Mark Sanchez's career.

  • Round 2: (SS) Matt Elam is a aggressive hard hitter. With the loss of LaRon Landry the Jets defense lacks that fear up the middle that Landry brought. He is also to me the most underrated cover safety too. He finished the season with 4 interceptions, 76 tackles with 37 tackles for loss along with 2 sacks.

  • Round 3: (TE) Jordan Reed is a fast tight end who is great at making people miss and is also a good run blocker

  • Round 3: (RB) Christine Micheal to me can be a all around back in this league. He has exceptional speed, runs low to the ground and has good vision to make plays and can make people miss as well. Ithink he will be an upgrade over Shonn Greene.

  • Round 4: (G) Alvin Bailey was dominant in 2011 for the Razorbacks but in 2012 his play fell slightly. He is a great value in the fourth round and with the depth at the guard position, this pick makes sense.
  • Round 5: (DT) Chris Jones is a good interior pass rusher who totaled 6 sacks for bowling green last season. If he is still here in round 5 the Jets should pick him. Alt: Joe Vellano (must add weight to his frame)

  • Round 6: (FB) Lonnie Pryor would start from day 1 for the Jets due to his versatility. He is a good lead blocker and can catch the ball out of the back field, he also ran for 376 yards on 47 carries for the Seminoles

  • Round 7: (K) If Dustin Hopkins is still here the jets have to take him he has a huge leg (something that Folk don't) which help him drill kick offs consistently.


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