Ideas on Revis, Sanchez / Thoughts on Rex Ryan

Studying full time at college while working 2.5 jobs, I haven't really taken the time to share my thoughts on this clusterf**k of an off-season.

For the sake of keeping the rhetoric as calm as possible, I want to give my thoughts and suggestions as to how the Jets can get the most benefit out of their most problematic issues.

1 - Darrelle Revis (+ Mark Sanchez?)

I'm making the prediction right now that Revis will return to All-World form. We've seen QBs do it, WRs do it, RBs do it, LBs do it, and yes, many DBs have done it. If Revis wants to play like he did from 2009-11 again, it's gonna happen. As usual, the Jets will not be the team where Revis makes his epic return to glory, but that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how much can the Jets get before they lose him for virtually nothing.

My idea involves current alleged trade partner, Tampa Bay. Here's what I propose for a trade:

Jets Receive - TB 2013 2nd round, 4th round picks; TB 2014 1st round and 3rd round picks

Bucs Receives - Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez (taking on his contract); Jets 2014 3rd round pick

The benefits of a trade like this is as follows: The Buccaneers, 1 - get Revis and everything that he brings to the table; 2 - get Sanchez, which may look like a decrease in value at the start, but gives a suitable backup who could push Freeman for the job when he struggles, which is somewhat often; 3 - only have a net loss of 3 picks (albeit in the first 100)

The Jets - 1 get a 1st round pick in a draft with potentially more depth in the 1st round; 2 - get a 2nd in a draft where depth is in the 2nd; 3 - get rid of sanchez and his contract;

The only way to get value by trading Revis is hoping that the sum benefits of the players you pick up equal or exceed what Revis could. That's nearly impossible so the best we can hope for is addition through subtraction - getting Revis' attitude and Sachez's dead money out of the way while picking up young and healthy players to rebuild with.

Thoughts on Rex Ryan

It is borderline criminal that the Jets are setting up Rex Ryan to fail this year. ESPN said "Vince Lombardi couldn't take this roster to the playoffs." And in a contract year, Rex is going to get either the Keller treatment and be completely ignored when his contract expires, or Woody is going to fire him sometime before January when the team loses a bunch of games in a row.

I first became a Jets fan when I saw how this team was set up to succeed - it had youth, great leadership and was exciting. Seeing how everyone is being disrespected and shown the door like there's no loyalty makes me question if I want to even hear this team's name anymore.

Rex deserves better than to be hung out to dry over a lack of talent. Then again, he has had a role in a lot of decisions that we blamed on others - keeping Gholston, not pulling Sanchez, etc.

Don't get me wrong, Rex probably deserves to be fired over his bad decision making. But almost deliberately sabotaging a season so a new HC can come in and improve from a bad year is just bad form. And a very low thing to me.

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