Remaining Free Agent Targets

Many of the big splash FA's are off the board, which is just as well. So far I've been impressed with Idzik's patience and ability to find bargain players. The resigning of Lex Hilliard kind of blew my mind given our cap situation, but the FO must have their reasons. Maybe he was a favorite of the coaching staff. I certainly hope not, because any question of Idzik's autonomy is a bad sign in my opinion.

We have many holes and little cash to spend on players to patch them with. Furthermore, we can't assume more than 2-3 of our draft picks will start or even contribute. So lets take a lot of the league, the FAs that didn't get huge deals. I'll highlight four players of each needed position that are potential good value signings.


An extremely crowded FA class, there are plenty of options that can step into the number 3 or even 2 role.

Aqib Tali, 27: Patriots CB with all the talent in the world. Might be better than Cromartie even. Patriots recently resigned CB Kyle Arrington so looks like he'll be up for grabs. His cons include serious character issues, flakiness, and affordability.

Brent Grimes, 30: Cut by the Falcons, 30, coming off an ACL. Still, has been a solid player for the past 4 years, and could come cheap for a 1 year, prove yourself deal.

EJ Bigger, 26: Played great for Bucs when he was asked to step in. Is a liability in run support, however.

Jacob Lacey, 26: Effective in the Nickel role, but not great elsewhere.


Another extremely competitive FA market, also a deep Safety draft class. Still we need to at least one S in FA.

Gerald Sensabaugh, 30: Cut by Dallas, Sensabaugh was excellent in coverage, but mediocre in run support.

Bernard Pollard, 28: Conversly, Pollard is a beast in run support, but spotty in coverage.

Michael Huff, 30: Cut by the Raiders for cap reasons, Huff can play Safety and CB.

Corey Lynch, 28: Could be a great bargain pick up. Special team contributor and seems ready to make the jump to starter.


Position of great need, decent FA class.

Justin Durant, 27: Two down player, who's a thumper in run support. Mediocre coverage skills.

Victor Butler, 26: Lots of potential, could be a great signing. Overshadowed by Demarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer in Dallas.

Antwan Barnes, 28: Pass rush specialist, who could be quality bargain bin player.

DJ William, 31: Excellent OLB for the Broncos that has been hampered by injuries/suspensions over the past few years. Might take a reduced deal because of age.


NT Antonio Garay just signed to replace Devito and Pouha's departure. Some busts/injury stricken players looking to prove themselves still available.

Sedrick Ellis, 28: Originally #7 pick of the draft by the Saints, Ellis has undoubtedly been a bust. A one year prove yourself deal could be ideal for all sides.


Position of need that will likely be addressed in the draft.

Brandon Myers, 27: My ideal signing, will probably command too much cash though.

Fred Davis, 27: Coming off an Achilles, could be cheap. Solid player, if a little overrated.

Matt Spaeth, 29: Quality blocker that offers next to nothing as a receiver.

What do you think people, anyone you are interested in?

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