Quarterback Shuffle: Draft Edition



The official NFL combine list has been released and on it are some touted prospects. The quarterback depth in the combine is fairly extensive. Many analysts are predicting a quarterback pick for Gang Green in the 2013, however it won't be easy for the Jets to make a sure fire pick (if they do). There are options for later rounds and some first round takes as well. Let's take a look at some intriguing quarterbacks in the draft class.

Geno Smith 6'3'' 214 lbs. West Virginia: According to the NFL Draft web page, Smith has a 91.00 scouting grade. He has been All Conference three years in a row for his stellar play and leadership. He was able to operate a unique spread offense that utilized numerous weapons. Smith has gotten stronger year by year and has become a more accurate passer over time. Smith is a highly competitive individual with leadership capabilities. His delivery is adequate and he has the ability to create plays with his feet when needed.

Smith needs to learn how to play under center and transition from a spread offense. He needs to shift his weight into his throw so the ball doesn't "float" through the air on deep passes. He needs to analyze blitz schemes with more insight and did not participate in the senior bowl.

He may not be around for the Jets pick and it's a not sure fire answer for New York. It's a high risk/ high reward move. Some say other QB's will go before him (Ryan Nassib possibly) and if premier pass rushers are picked early on the Jets may have to gamble on Smith.

Ryan Nassib 6'3'' 228 lbs. Syracuse: Nassib has been garnering much attention in the last few weeks and has a fairly high ceiling. Nassib was able to make Syracuse football relevant again with his performance under center. Nassib is physical player with a solid frame and strong arm. He can spread the ball around evenly. He is praised for his ability to look off safeties and create down field plays. He is not one to take sacks... Nassib is known to get rid of the ball when pressured. He can air out the deep ball and allow his receiver to make a play on the ball.

Buyers should be weary about his gunslinger style of play. He trusts receivers heavily to bail him out on big plays. He's not known to be a very mobile player. Like Smith he needs to shift his weight in his throw and get a better feel for playing under center.

Rumor is that Nassib will fall to Buffalo and follow his former coach, Doug Marrone. Nassib is another risk pick, most likely he won't land on the Jets board, but he can be considered.

EJ Manuel 6'4'' 237lbs. Florida State: EJ Manuel is an interesting second to third round prospect with mobility and size. Coming out of high school, Manuel was a highly touted recruit. He handled the Seminole offense with poise and is praised for his physical tools. He has adequate arm strength that allows for downfield passes. He's a prospect with untapped potential and room for improvement. He has a lot to prove to scouts and doubters. He is fairly mobile running a 4.64 40 yard dash.

His agility will help set him apart from other possible quarterbacks in the later rounds. He won't burn you downfield, but he can still create a play. He played out of shotgun, but possesses strong play action skills. He forces plays sometimes, thus resulting in turnovers. His deep ball is inconsistent as well.

Overall, Manuel is an interesting quarterback who has room to improve and impress. He should be a late consideration and scouts need to look past the physical tools.

Zac Dysert 6'4'' 230 Miami Ohio: Dysert is a MAC player who has gained interest from many NFL front offices. What sets Dysert apart is his experience...he's a four year starter. Dysert has the frame to play with the big boys. He can fill out with the right training and be even more physically imposing. His stance is rock steady and allows for sure fire throws. For a bigger guy, he can move around in the pocket and avoid some blitzes. He is aware of space, and in instances where he needs to run he avoids the hit. Dysert is skilled in ball placement and has experience in place holding as well.

He needs to learn to be comfortable in the pocket and not give up if pressured. Dysert needs to work on his vision and not giving away passes with his eyes. He's no burner, so speedy defenders can track him down. Playing on a less skilled MAC team has turned him into an improvise first type player. He needs to learn to follow a format in the NFL.

Dysert can fall to the early second round and be a steal for many teams. MAC players have shown their potential in the NFL and Dysert has the physical tools. If paired with solid coaching he can shine.

Tyler Wilson 6'3'' 220lbs Arkansas: Wilson is an SEC product that is coming off a tough season for the Razorbacks. He played under former Arkansas stud Ryan Mallet and proved his worth. Wilson has earned numerous national accolades and SEC praise. He has average quarterback size, yet he proves to be a tough player. Under pressure he stands in the pocket and delivers the ball. He is a patient passer who can lead receivers and see openings in coverage.

He is thinner and not very lengthy. His delivery is drawn out as well. His throwing motion is long and defensive backs key in on it. Footwork study is key for Wilson.

He is an up and down prospect each week. Some say early pick, others say wait and see. Wilson has a lot to prove.


Who do you think could be a fit for the Jets? Should they draft a qb or seek one in free agency/trades... stick with Sanchez?

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