What I would Trade for Darrelle Revis and Free Agent Signings



But let's face it is seems as though there seems to be a pretty reasonable chance of Revis getting traded, so let me make my ridiculous demands to the other teams, please feel free to reduce my demands if necessary:

San Francisco 49ers

Alex Smith, 1st Round Pick 2013, 3rd Round Pick 2013, 1st Round Pick 2015, and 49ers take Mark Sanchez


I'm not a big believer that Alex Smith will make a huge impact on the Jets, let's face it we have neither the offensive nor defensive talent which Smith needs to have an excellent season, however he will be serviceable and could possibly help us build a Super Bowl Winning team for the future and also build our next QB which we could draft in 2,3,4 round or even 1st if he did badly next year. Fortunately I don't think he has the talent to demand Joe Flacco money, maybe Mark Sanchez money if he's good enough, and with our west coast offense I think he could fit in very well. Say what you will about having two first round picks but considering how well the 49ers have built their team they should have no problem building their team with later draft rounds. My only fear is that Harbaugh will be able to turn Sanchez into another Alex Smith and trade him for a good pick.

Free Agent Signings :

Chris Ivory - Ivory is talented and the only reason why he didn't start is because he's on a congested Saints RB squad he has huge potential and would be very likely our number one back

Peyton Hills - The Jets need a fullback that can receive and also block, Peyton Hillis happens to be a Fullback/Running Back that can receive and block, given his horrible season after enduring the Madden curse he's good enough to be a pretty good Fullback and we could use him on certain plays where we need power as a RB. If one of the RB's get's injured he could fill in the number 2 or 3 spot giving us pretty good depth at RB if one of them gets a concussion or sprained ankle.

Brandon Jacobs* - Considering he called Rex a "fat boy" last year the only reason why I would get him is because he can still just steam roll over people and if we couldn't get Peyton Hillis

Delanie Walker - After the Super Bowl I'm not sure if we can afford him but it's worth a shot, with Dustin Keller demanding big money we could probably get way more value for the same price from Walker considering his versatility: he can receive, block, play fullback, Everything! I would give heavy consideration going for him because after all: he's no Vernon Davis

Don't forget guys: Resign Matt Slauson, Brandon Moore, and Mike DeVito!

Just for funs

Jets give: Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis, Sione Pouha,

Patriots give: Sebastian Vomer, 1st round pick 2013, 3rd Round pick 2013, 2nd Round pick 2014, 1st Round Pick 2015, 3rd Round Pick 2015

Mark Sanchez is obviously the Future for the Patriots after Brady retires

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