Fits like a glove- Giovani Bernard, RB, UNC

Giovani Bernard vs Virginia Tech (2012) (via Aaron Aloysius)

Giovani Bernard vs NC State 2012 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Giovani Bernard vs Duke 2012 (via xuesac84)

There are occasions where a guys fits what you are trying to do to a T. Our new offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, has coached under some legends. Mike Holmgren. Andy Reid. Even the Mooch has a reputation as a sharp offensive mind. And Mornhinweg is noted for the types of QBs who have played on teams he coached for, guys like Favre, Young, Garcia, McNabb, and Vick. But what has flown under the radar is the heavy usage of backs in the pass game. In Green Bay, they had Dorsey Levens, Edgar Bennett, and William Henderson racking up a combined 100 catches. In San Fran, we saw guys like Garrison Hearst and Charlie Garner putting up 50-60 catches, with others like Terry Kirby, Fred Beasley, and Marc Edwards chipping in. In Philadelphia, of course, we have seen one of the most prolific receiving backs in league history in Brian Westbrook get used a lot in the pass game, a mantle that has now been passed to another good pass catcher in Shady McCoy. Point is, in Mornhinweg's ideal offense, we need a reliable pass catcher out the backfield. Possibly that's Joe McKnight, but I'm not counting on it. Enter Gio Bernard.

You want a guy who can hit big plays? Bernard has 3 runs of 60+ yards, a 78 yard reception, and 11 plays of 30+ yards... at least (just going off of the long of each game).

You want a guy who can catch the ball out the backfield? Bernard has 92 catches for 852 yards and 6 touchdowns in the last 2 years. Others?

- Stepfan Taylor has 97 catches for 778 yards and 5 TDs over 3 seasons plus 3 catches as a freshman.

- Le'veon Bell has 78 catches for 531 yards and 1 TD over 3 seasons.

- Montee Ball has 59 catches for 598 yards and 6 TD over 4 seasons.

- Johnathan Franklin has 58 for 517 and 3 TD over 4 seasons.

- Andre Ellington has 59 for 505 and 2 TD over 4 seasons.

- Mike Gillislee, Eddie Lacy, and Zac Stacy have less than 50 career catches.

Only Joseph Randle has more receiving yardage (917 yards on 108 catches) among the top 10 or so RB prospects, and that was in 3 seasons. In all likelihood, Bernard with another year would easily surpass this.

You tired of watching Jeremy Kerley wave hello to the football on punt returns? Well, Bernard does that too.

Slippery. Elusive. Hands. Explosive. All traits that our next running back must have. Gio Bernard does. The next DeAngelo Williams, Ray Rice, Brian Westbrook type.

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