Here is my mock (If everyone is doing it why can't I?)

This is what I would like to see the Jets do on draft day as of right now. We have a ton of holes, so for any mock draft it can be easily picked apart but I believe this is at least addressing a good portion of them.

Dion Jordan (Round 1) – Motor is relentless just watch him. He also has the frame that he can grow into, and Rex has never had a man with his size, and athletiscm before which should be fun to watch. Our D line is good and him coming around the edge held up by Wilk or Coples could be devastating

Zach Ertz (Round 2, Cromartie/McKnight trade to lions for Second Rounder) - Size and Smarts and will be a position of need. With Hill, resigning Braylon, and adding Ertz we just made our redzone offense effective. These guys are all Six Three plus with Ertz being Six Six. Also, he is a walking mismatch paired up on any safety because of size and if a linebacker is covering him he has the speed to run right by them.

Jordan Reed (Round 2)- another smart tight end with great athletic ability. By doubling up at tight end we just revamped or passing attack in one season. This would be or own version of Gronk/Hernandez and can lead to easier throws for whoever our QB is (probably Sanchez, but who knows). With two reliable tight ends it will force our opposing teams Safeties to focus more on the inside helping create less over the top coverage on the outside

Barrett Jones (Round 3) – He has been a constant producer for the best college football team over the last few years. His versatility should help us enormously. He can push right away for the starting guard spot, but if there ever is an injury along the line he has proven he can play at any position along it which for us could be invaluable

Jonathan Franklin (Round 4) – Never gives up on a play, always trying to break tackles and usually does unlike our current backfield. He does not get enough credit for his play. Just watch him, don’t listen to these pundits, and you will like what you see.

Tyrann Mathieu (Round 5) – if we still had Cro/Plax/Scott and other guys with character issues then no way, but with this scenario we eliminated that so we can take a calculated risk. His upside is unreal and he is one explosive athlete. From Day one he can help on special teams. Also, if we do trade a corner it’s always good to keep stock piling them

Zac Stacy (Round 6) – Another underated RB because he comes from Vandy. Another guy you just need to watch. With this draft, not only did we revamp our Red zone offense with the tight end position but we revamped our RB position with two new guys who actually make defenders miss

Duke Williams (Round 7) – it is so difficult to know who will be there by the seventh round. I think he has had off the field issues (not positive about that) but if he’s there I would go for it. One thing this guy does is try to knock your head off and even though we added two safeties last year, it is still a position of need

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