Unpopular Opinions, Zero Care: We don't need to improve the O-Line

Alright children, this is the first entry in my series where I go over the many unpopular opinions I have that are actually totally right. I will explain why I am right and you all are wrong. If you don't agree with me... well don't worry because that won't happen. Any complaints or commentaries can be sent to PO Box 11877 on the back of an 87" Sony LED 4K Ultra HD TV. Or in the comments

This first entry is why we don't need to "fix" our o-line and draft a guard or tackle high, alternatively titled "Why I Die A Little Every Time I See The Name Chance Warmack."

You may not have noticed, but the Jets have a lot of holes. Like, a lot of holes. More holes than the plot of the new Die Hard. We have an inordinate amount of overpaid players, expensive free agents, and Mark F-ing Sanchez. Our defense has not had a pass rush since some Gastineau guy played before I was born. Our linebackers make C.J. Spiller happier than a Canadian on Boxing Day. Our running backs made the term "Ground & Pound" a major trigger for PTSD in the greater Long Island area. And those were bright spots compared to the passing game. We basically had four positions of strength last year. The secondary, even without Revis, was fantastic, and can be legend-wait for it- dary at full strength next year. Our defensive line was great and the future foundation of the team. Kerley fries made the slot a-gasp- weapon. And finally, the offensive line was actually pretty damn good. Pro Football Focus ranked em third. "But Zero, PFF isn't reliable and all opinionated and Scott and John said we need a dominant offensive line." Okay, fine. Pro Football Focus aren't the god end all to football judgements. But they sure are one of the closest to it. But besides that. Let's look at the line piece by piece. Out of the 5 line spots, 3 are potentially in question. Brick and Mangold aren't going anywhere, and by themselves are two All Pros, where most lines have nil. Now the rest:

Matt Slauson: First, hard stat: Slauson gave up no sacks last year. Only 12 other guards could claim that. "But Zero, Slauson can't run block." First, stop complaining. Second, he was an average run blocker. He wasn't horrible. Third, we are changing to a West Coast offense, based on pass protection. We need pass blocking lineman. Wait, how many sacks did Slauson give up again? Right. Finally, do I need to remind you of our economic situation that makes Greece feel bad for us? Slauson can be signed for only about 1.5 mil. That's money terms for "cheap." We need to be cost effective, and that includes not wasting high draft picks for easily cost effective replaceable positions.

Brandon Moore: Moore was arguably the best guard the second half of the season. He is making 2.75 mil, and can be resigned for close to that. Same mantra as with Slauson, cost effective, and is a leader in the locker room.

Austin Howard: Oh boy, this one gets me worked up. Austin Howard had his ups and downs last year, having dominant games against Mario Williams and Charles Johnson and other great rushers, but also being beat 10 times for sacks. But if I may remind you, he's basically a rookie. He's 25 for Christ's sake, give him a chance to develop. If he was a high draft pick, no one would think of replacing him. Speaking of high draft picks, 10 sacks is actually pretty good. I mean, Johnathan Martin(remember him) gave up more sacks. Do you think the Dolphins are going to replace him this offseason? No. Moving on.

Now, the whole subject of drafting. This is a deep draft at safety, tight end, running back and outside linebacker. As you might recognize, these are our biggest friggin needs. To waste a first, second or even third on a guard or tackle would be of poor judgement. I'm not saying competition would be bad, say from a Willie Colon. Just not a high pick that can be used as a starter we really need.

Finally, there isn't assurance that any lineman we could draft would be an improvement. Chance Warmack is overrated, as he managed to struggle against Mississippi State and John Jenkins of Georgia. He played with great linemates, and is not the surefire bet many think he is. At 9, there is a lot of great talent at more important positions that are still pretty good bets. David DeCastro was similarly hyped and was disappointing in the 4 games he played. Larry Worford and Johnathan Cooper are probably gone by our second, and there are some better talents out there than them in the same projected range.

In conclusion: O- Line good. Complaining bad. And as always, screw Tom Brady

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