What we need from our first 4 draft picks

Hi all , sorry i haven't been posting much but my new role as Jets analyst on Drafttek has kept me busy . I have been scouting , watching film etc etc on many more players than ever before . Because of this i have decided to post up what positions have the most talent and what are not as good as other years .

The position i feel has the most talent in this years draft is at safety. I can see at least 6 day 1 starters and another 5 guys who will have good success later down the line . This class is the best since the year Eric Berry and Earl Thomas were drafted . There will be good players to be had right up to our 4th round pick at safety . The fact we have 2 guys who are FA's should mean a safety would be a very good pick for this team given the talent available . If we don't draft a safety by round 4 i would consider our draft a fail and we would really have to look at the guys we have evaluating talent for this team .

The next position on my list is OLB . There is some great potential in this years draft . There are no sure things this year like a Von Miller but nonetheless the talent is there , with some risk attached to almost every candidate . We are in a great position at 9 and also in the 2nd round to grab a very good prospect . The talent tails off somewhat by round 3 but the are still some nice projects that could be very good ( Brandon Jenkins ) . If we are to draft an OLB then i think we need to get one by round 2 to fully avail of the talent in this position .

The next position is D-Line . There is a mountain of talent on the D-Line this year . Weather your running a 3-4 or a 4-3 you will have rich pickings to choose from almost every round this year . Rex Ryan and Karl Dunbar will look at the crop of players and they will start to salivate at the though of we some of these guys can do .There should be some very good prospects available as far down as our 4th round pick because D-Line is not a major need for most teams this year and some very good prospects will fall through the cracks . We could do a lot worse than using one or our first 4 picks on a D-Line player here .

Finally the last position on my list is O-Line . There are some very good interior Linemen in this years draft . There is also some good value to be had at the tackle position . We could potentially upgrade 3 spots on O-Line so getting at least 1 guy from the draft would make a lot of sense . Getting O-Line by round 3 should see us getting a day 1 starter . There are some very big , agile guys who excel in the run game this year . I feel we can't afford to wait till later to draft O-Line as the talent trails off in the later rounds .

Honourable Mention

Another two positions i really like talent wise are RB and TE . There is some very good depth at both positions . I wouldn't mind if we used a 2nd to 4th round pick on either as there is genuine ballers at TE , and some game breakers at RB . RB has a lot more talent than at TE but the top 5 TE's taken will all be good pick ups for us .

I'd honesty stay avay from every other position in the first 4 rounds as i would see it as missing out on genuine talent at other spots . If you are looking to replace Sanchez , forget it . If Blaine Gabbert had came out this year he would have been the top QB available . That says a lot about this draft class of QB . There are some guys with potential but nothing that would make me miss out on the genuine talent at the positions above . If some good prospects fall , that's a different story but for now i think our draft should be about identifying the positions with the most talent at trying to get as many of those guys as possible .

I haven't really posted players names because it might dilute the point i'm trying to make as everyone has a favourite player at those positions .Feel free to comment .

You can also check out the latest Drafttek Mock by going to the fanshot area . Thanks

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