NYJ 2014 Offseason Blueprint (Cross Post)

I created a set of polls awhile back to see where the Jets fans on reddit stood, but the entire site seemed to have 404ed and i couldnt look at the results. I figured i would cross post this over here since im still looking for thoughts and ideas for how we improve the team this offseason.

Poll Results: For our biggest need to fill through the draft, over 60% said WR or TE, while about 20% said QB and another 10% for Secondary and O-Line help.

Our biggest need to fill through FA was WR/TE, but much less commanding a percentage at 35%, followed by Secondary and O-line at almost 25% apiece each.

Almost 50% of you said you thought Rex was our long term coach, while close to 40% of you said you were unsure and would give him another year. only 10% said to fire him.

Almost 80% wanted Geno to close out the season, but as for 2014, over 50% wanted a QB competition to decide the starter. Interestingly enough, Geno had as many votes for starter as Sanchez did.

Now, based on this, i have created an offseason blueprint that should satisfy most of you.

NYJ finish 6-10, missing the playoffs.

Resign Rex Ryan to a one year deal. same with Morhinweg.

Cuts: Cromartie, Sanchez and Holmes to get some cap space back. Cap total = a little over 50 mil

Resigns Colon (3 mil), Howard (3 mil), Cumberland (2 mil), Pace (1 mil), Cribbs (1 mil), Barnes (1.5 mil). Resign for lower salaries: Sanchez (1.5 mil), Cromartie (3 mil). Extend Wilkerson (7 mil). Cap total = about 30 mil

Explanations: Resign Colon and Howard because their performance has been great, Cumberland is decent, Cribbs has been awesome but we can get him for about vet min to help with returns, Pace has earned another year, Barnes looked great until he got injured. Sanchez, according to the fan base, deserves another look, and at that price, he's good depth. Cromartie is still decent, if only for good depth since Milliner needs time and Wilson is only good covering the slot.

FA Acquisitions: Cotchery (1.5 mil), Jeremy Maclin (4 mil), Kenny Britt (1.5 mil), Jarius Byrd (9 mil), Brent Grimes or Aqib Talib (7 mil), Slauson or Waters, or Watkins (1-2 mil). Cap Total = about 5 mil

Explanations: Cotchery is a great mentor and a very good slot receiver, Maclin is a very good WR and his strengths are his hands and routes. Since he is coming off an injury, we sign him for cheaper and give him incentives with less guaranteed money. Same goes for Britt, who I think Rex could get motivated enough to take the risk for a high reward. If he doesnt pan out, then we can just cut him without real problems.

Byrd is one of two big acquisitions, and hes a very good FS, something we sorely need. His instinct will help improve coverage and give our front time to work. Unfortunately, he does have a high price to pay for his performance. I personally want Grimes, but either Aqib or Brent should be a very decent #1 CB while we let Milliner grow and stop mismatching Cromartie against guys he cant cover. With Byrd and the corner, i think we can really get a big boost in the Defense. When both the rush and the coverage are both great, then the defense starts to score and cause many more turnovers, something we havent really had in a long time.

I like Slauson and Winters for vet min, and Watkins has been decent for Miami. We can let Winters take a season to mature that way to create better protection.

Draft: 1st WR; Mike Evans, Marquise Lee, or Sammy Watkins

Explanation: Probably dont need to tell you why, but we need a #1 WR in the worst way.

2nd: TE; Ebron, Seferian Jenkins, Amaro

Explanation: Same thing, as we really need a good TE to help catch over the middle and all three are pretty good. One of the three will probably fall to the second where we can take him.

3rd (top): QB; Aaron Murray

Explanation: I think he has a lot of potential, and due to his ACL injury, i wouldnt be surprised to see him fall to the 3rd. I say pick him and hope we got lighting in a bottle since i like his footage.

3rd (middle): RB/WR; Deanthony Thomas

Explanation: Unlike most mocks, i dont see him falling to the 4th, so i say we pull the trigger and get a dynamic play maker and see what he can do. He projects to be like Woodhead or Sproles, and we could always use another good back.

4th and down: BPA + Punter

Explanation: We need talent almost anywhere, so just grab who we can and hope they work out well. We also need a punter if we dont grab one in FA.

Again, im not great at contracts, but i think the above scenario gives us a lot of value and is also semi realistic. Tell me what you think!

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