SWTD Mock Draft Vol.4 (Week 14)

On my last Mock Draft, someone commented that all of my mocks were very similar and that I should "mix it up". While I still think Volume 3 of my mock is the best one, and I feel that one is more LIKELY, lets have some fun and mic things up a bit.

The Manziel version of my mock draft I feel is far more likely and beneficial to the New York Jets. But lets screw around with another permutation of my draft that I've had in the back of my head for awhile.

Last Weeks Order Was:

1. Johnny Manziel, QB"
2. Jordan Matthews, WR
3. Aaron Colvin, CB
4. De'Anthony Thomas, RB/WR/KR

This weeks oddball edition:

Round 1: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M University.


Lets start with some Stats, shall we? 65 Rec, 1332 Yards, 12 TDs. Add that to a 6"5, 225 lb frame, and you've got a serous matchup nightmare for the defense. He is huge, insanely strong, and goes up to fight (and usually wins) jump-balls. He has all the mental traits (And the catching ability) that we wish Stephen Hill had, plus the size. His one flaw is that he is a bit lacking in speed. But when your that big and strong, speed can be overlooked a bit. If we should all learn one thing from Hill, its that Speed doesn't mean anything if your Soft (Physically & Mentally). Mike Evans is neither.

Check him out vs Alabama here.

Round 2: Eric Ebron, TE, University of North Carolina.


I don't really have to go into detail about this one. Many of us on GGN I feel are already well educated and like Ebron alot for the Jets. Another Big target to throw to. He is 6"4, 245 lbs and he is VERY FAST for his size. Great speed after the catch. As Smackdad has noted before, TE is not an important position to the current Jets regime. But I'm making this pick because I feel like Rex Ryan, most of the current scouts, and possibly Marty, are all done. The new coach and regime will probably put more value on the TE position, especially since we desperately need one.

Round 3: AJ McCarron, QB, University of Alabama.

1-8-13-aj-mccarron_full_600_medium this draft just got...........Interesting?

Ill be honest. I am not the biggest fan of AJ McCarron. I think he is a product of superior talent around him. I feel like any halfway decent QB could put up his numbers if they were given a team as good as Bama.

But Ill put my bias-ness aside to say a few nice things about him and WHY I chose him.

AJ McCarron, is probably the most NFL-Ready QB in the entire draft. Yes, even more than Bridgewater. He has been playing against by far the best competition and has been starting in a Pro-Style offense for 3 Years. He is in my eyes, a game manager, not a play-maker. He will not be able to go blow for blow with Top 10 QBs like Andrew Luck, or Russell Wilson can, BUT hee may have just enough in him to win the game for you. Someone else who does this is Alex Smith. Smith will play boring the entire game, but if you need a play in the final 5 minutes, he may have flashes of greatness. McCarron, on top of being very ready, he also is probably the smartest QB in this class, and the least turnover prone.

So why did I pick him? Well you can reference the picture I chose for him as 1 reason. The guy is a WINNER. Hes won 3 National Titles, and it probably would have been 4 baring an amazingly crazy play by Auburn. When you surround him with immense talent, he has the ability to win games for you, and thrive in your system.

Round 3: David Yankey, OG, Stanford University.


Simple explanation. Our line sucks right now. Guard is the biggest weak spot. Especially Brian Winters. I think he is actually the reason Mangold's and Brick's play has fallen off this year. They are both trying so hard to cover his garbage, and help him out, that their own assignments get blown. I'm not saying give up on Winters (I hope he isn't a waste, we passed on Keenan Freaking Allen for him) but we need someone more capable in their NOW. Yankey is a big dude with great technique. He should fit in fine.


So in this scenario, we go offense heavy in the first 3 rounds. Which, if under a new head coach, is a very realistic possibility. We get a supremely efficient/smart QB, and surround him with 2 huge weapons and better protection.The whole point of this particular scenario: Draft AJ McCarron and surround him with Supreme Talent. Try and replicate the offensive talent level he had at Alabama, and hopefully it would yield the same results. He would feel right at home, and could hopefully do some damage for us.

And hey, hes only a 3rd round pick, so this even gives Geno Smith a chance to win his job back..........for all you Geno Apologists out there.

Do I like this draft? Eh, I don't hate it. But I do think it makes sense. Would I rather have a First Round, Big-Play making QB in the first round? You got that right, so I'll be back to my normal draft build next week.

But what do you guys think of this Permutation? The New York Crimson Tide scenario.

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