What i would like to see the FO accomplish this offseason

This is my first ever post here on GGN so I apologize in advance if its a little rough around the edges.

Obvious Cuts: Sanchez and Holmes

Restructures: Cro taking his salary from 15m to about 8m this year, based on everything he is going to cost us 5m+ no matter what we do, and we can do a lot worse than Cro for 2-3m extra this year.

Extend/Restructure Harris, he is simply making too much for an ILB in todays NFL, he had a great season and I would hate to see him go, but we would definitely be able to find a cheap alternative especially since we will have 10-12 picks this year.

Extend: Mo, Kerley, Wilson, and possibly Powell these are all solid pieces that I would prefer to have on the team filling their rolls than trying to go outside especially with so many needs on this roster.

Free Agents: There is only 1 player I would break the bank for this offseason and that is Jimmy Graham, I doubt he leaves NO, but if for some crazy reason they let him get to FA he would be target #1,2, and 3 for me. Outside of Jimmy every other FA out there is going to be overpaid, and we need to hold onto some of our money to make sure we can resign our own guys in the next 2-3 years and not put ourselves in the same situation we were in this past offseason. Being said I wouldn't not sign anyone (sorry for the double negative)

WR's: in order I would go after Maclin, Nicks, Tate. I would stay far away from Decker I just don't trust he will be the same away from Peyton.

Safety: once again in order T.J. Ward, Whitner, Byrd between price age and all the other factors I think Ward is going to be the best value on the market and not overpay for the bigger names.

Corner: this is highly subjective especially since I want to bring back Cro, and Wilson, but a guy like Verner should not be over looked, or one of the Seattle, or Carolina DB's that are hitting FA this year, again I would not break the bank assuming Cro's surgery (if he has one), and rehab go well.

Draft: if he is available (and I doubt he will be) give me Marquise Lee over any other player in this draft outside of Watkins (who we know wont be available) if Lee is gone right now flip a coin between the TE's and yes I would pick either TE over Mike Evans,I don't want to fall into the "Hill" trap again here.

I really don't follow CFB enough to give an in depth look at the later rounds of the draft Benjamin scares me for the same reason Evans does. Now obviously we will have a lot more information on all these guys in a couple months before the draft and guys we aren't looking at will skyrocket and guys we love now will plummet so lets just see how it goes.

Lastly I just want to say I am a relatively young fan (about to be 25) my first major memories of this team is the 98 team and the AFC championship game against the Broncos, so I have had a relatively good time following this team over the years even if it has been frustrating, but I am extremely excited for this offseason and cant wait to see what Idzik is able to do with all this money and picks.

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