Drafttek's New 32 team 5 Round Mock. Jets picks explained here

As some of you may know, I am the New York Jets Draft Analyst on, a site that provides full mock drafts throughout the year. We have 31 other Analysts who represent their teams and input what their team needs are. We feel our results are a closer more reliable gauge of how a draft can pan out instead of the usual 1 guy picking needs for all 32 teams.

Well today we have a new 5 round mock out, you can find the results here ->

As a trial, I decided to give you on GGN an insight into my thinking’s about all the Jets picks in this mock so without further ado let’s get started .

Round 1 pick 18

Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech

I feel TE and WR are our 2 biggest needs. Amaro and Lee are still on the board here along with Taylor Lewan at OT but I opt for Amaro as I feel we can still draft a talented WR in the later rounds. Amaro is a stud TE that will come in and have a big impact from day 1. He is a mismatch for defenders and versatile to line up anywhere on the field. 18 might seem a bit early for some to draft a TE but Amaro is ranked 17th on our big board so he also represents value here.

Round 2 pick 49

Kelvin Benjamin WR Florida State

Benjamin is the best WR left on the board at this pick. Some other options include Bortles at QB, Coleman at WR and O-Line guys like Richardson and Su’a Filo but I’m taking Benjamin. Big guy who can make the difficult catches, he would be an instant upgrade to our WR core devoid of talent. Although this pick is a bit of a reach going by our big board (60th overall) he is certainly worth it.

Round 3 pick 69(Tampa Bay)

Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State

Cooks is rated at 55th on our Big Board so this pick is a bit of a steal here. Other notable guys available here are RB’s Hill LSU, Thomas Oregon, and OLB Kyle Van Noy. My thinking with this pick is that we get another guy to help out on the Offensive side of the ball. I’m also a fan of Drafting a big guy, small guy combo so Cooks 5’10" and Benjamin 6’5" give us some different options.

Round 3 Pick 80

Michael Sam OLB Missouri

Our last Missouri pick looks pretty good( Richardson) so why not try and see if we can find another stud defender. The only other guys I would choose here is Henderson at OT and maybe Bucannon at FS but I think OLB is a better use of our pick here. I would expect Sam to maybe split time with Pace( if brought back) and allow him to develop gradually over the season.

Round 4 pick 111

Tre Boston FS North Carolina

Our Safety play has been a weak spot on the team this year. Boston is a good young player with plenty of room to grow. Although a slight reach here I still think he represents very good value here. Other notable players on the Board include OLB’s Lynch South Florida, Breslin USC and Stanford’s Josh Mauro at DE but I’m OK with taking Boston over all these guys especially after drafting Sam in the previous round.

Round 5 pick 142

Zack Mettenberger QB LSU

Zack falls this far due to his injury but as a 5th round pick he would certainly be a nice addition to the team. Other players available include QB Fales San Jose State and CB Watkins Florida but I take Mettenberger here because as a 5th round guy there isn't any pressure for him to start straight away and he adds something a little different to our stable of QB’s.

Overall I think this draft would fill some of our team needs and increase the talent level on this team. Although it doesn't fix everything, I feel we could have at least 3 starters and plenty of other talent that can develop over time from this draft.

Hopefully this post explains my thinking behind these picks and you see what goals I hope our team will follow come draft day.

So what do you think? What would you do different? Would you be interested in more of these posts for any future Mocks?

Thanks for Reading.

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