New York Jets Mock Offseason 2014

Finished the season strong and our rookie class looking strong.

i believe they will roll with Geno because he looks like the franchise qb. Surround him with better targets and I think well be back in the post season very soon.

Resigns- Austin Howard- great RT who is improving each and every year for us.

Nick Folk- Great kicker and is clutch for us

Willie Colon- tough Rg who brings power and leadership to us

Kyle Wilson- really stepped us and become a great slot

Legear Douzable- great guy to come in and makes good run plays

Ed Reed- calm down and listen(only a situation guy) because he is a great leader and can help our secondary. He has to take vet minimum and he won't start.

Jeff Cumberland/ Winslow- you guys debate

Reconstructure- Antonio Cromartie- really like the way he plays and when hes healthy he can be a top corner in the game( plus if we cut him we get 5 mil in dead money so that won't happen)

David Hariss- got faster and played great run defense for us.

Cuts: Mark Sanchez- no brainer (got his chances and needs to go) we save 8.3 mil by cutting him

Santonio Holmes- I will miss you but you have not been healthy the last 2 years and we can do better in free agency and the draft (8-2 mil)

Dawan Landry- 1.5 mil (not great this year and gets beat in coverage)

Alex Green- 900k

Clyde Gates - has to go simply not getting it done

Free Agency: Sidney Rice(if he gets cut)/(good possession receiver) who has been hurt and makes great catches (2 year 8-9 mil) If we get Sidney Rice would go for Jeremy Maclin(since the west coast with Marty and has been productive his career(also had an injury) (good number 2) MUCH RATHER SIDNEY RICE "GO GO GADGET

TJ Ward- a great saftey who hits hard and can cover well( can really help our secondary) 4 year 22 mill

Walter Thurmond- (Seattle Guy) who can come in and cover well. Hes a tough corner and we will have a completely upgraded secondary 2 year 3-4 mil

Draft: Idzik will mostly go through the draft to improve our team

Round 1- (since watkins and evans is off the board we could trade back a couple of picks but if we don't I would love to take Marquise Lee but I believe we will trade back and take- Jake Amarsco or Eric Ebron (since we won today we go higher in the draft so I believe the top 2 receivers will be off the board. Idzik will take the best talent available)

Round 2- Jordan Matthews- really like him and he looks like a faster version of Jordey Nelson

Round 3- Cj Fiedeorowicz- 6'6(only if we don't resign Cumberland) I was thinking just trade it away for a position like an OLB? Maybe Get back in the 2nd and take Allen Robinson (comments thoughts)

Round 3- D'Anthony Thomas (really like his ability and works with Marty's system)

Round 4- Don't watch college that much but a qb(just to replace sanchez (GENOS THE GUY THO)

Round 5- Guard(push Brian Winters) - but winters has improved the last 2 weeks

Round 6- saftey brother of tj McDonald of the rams and his dad is the secondary coach for us I believe

Round 7- Fb( need one more)

Roster Geno, Probably Garrard(vet), Rookie

Ivory, D'Anthony Thomas, Powell, Goodson

Bohannon, Rookie

Rice, Matthews, Jeremy Maclin Kerley, Hill, Nelson

Amarsco/Ebron, Cumberland or Winslow







Harrison/ Ellie's


Coples/ possibly the trade?





Millner, Wilson

Tj Ward, Ed Reed (situational)

Antonio Allen(Rookie)

K- Nick Folk

P- Robert Malone

Debate- I would be very happy with this but what do you guys think? Especially with the receivers I chose? I chose some of these people because of Idzik in Seattle and Marty in Eagles. I think with this roster we could succeed and got a great chance for geno and the jets to be in the post season next year comment thoughts?

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