Build-through-the-draft Mock 1




Antonio Cromartie 9.5 Million

Mark Sanchez 8.3 Million

Santonio Holmes 8.3 Million

Dawan Landry 1.5 Million

Mike Goodson 1.3 Million (I could see us cutting him after June 1)


(DE) Muhammad Wilkerson 6 Years $60 Million

(WR) Jeremy Kerley 4 Years $8 Million


(K) Nick Folk 2 Year $1.5 Million

(G) Willie Colon 1 Year $1.1 Million

(OT) Austin Howard 4 Year $8 Million

(TE) Kellen Winslow 1 Year $850K

(TE) Jeff Cumberland 1 Year $700K

(OLB) Calvin Pace 1 Year $800K

(CB) Darrin Walls 1 Year $900k

Free Agent Signings

Idzik's plan is likely not to spend huge on people like Eric Decker, Brian Orakpo, or Hakeem Nicks, He'll probably get cheap, solid players and build through the draft like they did at Seattle

(QB) Vince Young EDIT: Shaun Hill - Canadian Jet pointed him out to me, he has been a good backup for the lions and could be good competition for Geno, and even if he doesn't win he could be a mentor type for Geno. He will be a functioning backup/benching option unlike Garrard while still being a mentor 1 Year $1.8 Million

(RB) Darren McFadden - Yes I know nobody wants to touch this guy because he's always injured, but you know what that might be a good thing, we can sign him for dirt cheap and if he can't play or is injured we can cut him right away, at the very least he can take a limited relief role that Alex Green has 1 Year $900k

(WR) Jeremy Maclin - This year we can get Jeremy Maclin on a one year prove-your-worth type contract, he'll be relatively cheap and could prove to be a game breaker in returning to Marty's system 1 Year $4 Million

(WR) James Jones - He was on the Packers and has gotten a lot better over the years, not the flashiest guy but he can be a good hold the fort guy while our rookies develop 1 Year $1.5 Million

(WR) Edit: Andre Roberts - Again not the flashiest guy but he gets the job done and has been steadily improving even with the Cardinals putrid QB's. He's best at short and intermediate routes, he's also young at age 25 so he may develop into an important piece of our offense, he can also add value as a punt returner 2 Year $3 Million

(TE) Brandon Pettigrew - He hasn't really played well for 2 Years, he has Athletic Ability that can be used. He might be able to overcome Winslow as the number 1 Tight end which isn't saying much, but we don't need to spend big on Tight Ends anyway since Marty doesn't use them for much except check-downs 2 Year $1.8 Million

(S) Stevie Brown - He looked really good in preaseason before getting injured, he could provide some really good depth for us and serve in some nickel or dime packages as well as special teams 2 year $2.4 Million

(S) James Ihedigbo EDIT: Jairus Byrd: I caved in, the more I think about it the more I like him, Jairus Byrd is that true Free Safety Rex has been look for over the years and could be a cornerstone of our defense for years to come. With Darrin Walls or a Rookie starting next year he can really help mask our deficiency at corner. I think he'll be worth every single Penny we pay him, and Rex will love him. 5 Year $55 Million

(S) EDIT: David Caldwell: He's from my town (Montclair, NJ). He is currently on the Giants practice squad and he started for the Colts in 2011, hey why not?


1. Marquise Lee WR - He's explosive, runs excellent routes, and fits right into Marty's system, this guy can have an immediate impact being a number 2 receiver day 1. Perhaps he can open things up for the much maligned Stephen Hill or even David Nelson.

2. Antonio Richardson OT - Richardson is a great prospect with great size, agility, patience, and power. He has shown he can do well against players like Jadaveon Clowney. With so many great Tackles and a deep class Richardson could very well drop to us. My plan for him would to be at trying him at Right Tackle and moving Howard to guard since he he's not as Athletic and Fluid as Richardson and we can leave him there until drops off the cliff or retires (hopefully the latter occurs first.)

3. Louichez Purifoy CB - Purifoy is extremely Athletic and has tons of Potential but he can be very undisciplined at times and needs to work on technique and discipline. He's physical against the run and can give us that big play across from Milliner. We may want to sit him and let him work on his technique and put Walls or Wilson at outside corner for the time being.

3. Zach Mettenberg QB - A first round talent who drops to here because of injury. He has a strong armed - prototypical build and has potential to be the QB of the future if Geno doesn't pan out. For the time being he won't take up a roster spot because he'll be on the PUP list, but he could still learn the playbook.

4. Jeremiah Attaochu OLB - This guy was a sack machine for Georgia Tech and could very well be the Bitch Kitty (see Collision Low Crosser) Rex Ryan has been looking for. He's a bit raw and needs to work on controlling his intensity, but with his long, athletic build he could very well uproot Calvin Pace for the starting OLB spot.

5. De'Anthony Thomas RB - Not much more than a gadget player and probably won't be much more than that. That being said he's a very good gadget player, he can return kicks and punts, he can be used on Jet Sweeps, we could use him as a short receiving threat, and use him to run a couple of plays, he'll be able to instantly bring life to our offense with big plays.

6. Colt Lyerla TE - He was never really dominant at Oregon and left the team early to prepare for the NFL, he's also been arrested for drugs. He is really athletic and has good size at 6'5 246 lbs. if we can straighten out his character concerns he could be a real steal.

7. Cornelius Lucas OT - A mountain of a man at 6'8 328 lbs, he's very athletic to complement his size and is a project that could eventually equate to a decent starter.

Though this won't make our offense elite immediately it puts some solid building blocks in place, this can probably make us competitive for 2014 and by 2015 we can be a real playoff threat and perhaps snatch the division from our neighbor to the north.

What this gives us is: A QB for competition for 2014 and a possible future QB if Geno doesn't pan out, a dynamic gadget RB, 2 Starting Caliber receivers and 2 excellent depth receivers leaving the last spot for Hill and Nelson to battle out for, a solid reliable TE in Brandon Pettigrew, O-Line Depth especially if converting Howard to a guard works out, A Pass-Rushing OLB who can sit behind Calvin Pace or overcome him as the season progresses, a beast of a safety in Jairus Byrd, good depth in Stevie Brown, and a future corner in Louichez Purifoy

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