Be Careful What You Wish For

There are reasonable statements coming from all sides of the argument whether the Jets should retain, fire or extend Rex Ryan. Personally I hope nothing but the greatest of success for any coach or player (that doesn't play against the Jets or in New England/Miami) so I would be content with whatever fate befalls Rex Ryan as long as he gets a chance to coach elsewhere.

Regardless, I am led to fear the worst in all scenarios - keeping Rex or firing Rex - because far too many times in the last 5 years we have seen moves that were praiseworthy at the time turn around and bite us. Here are just a few personnel moves that have hurt the Jets

a. The Holmes re-signing was popular in 2011 and paid dividends for the first 13 weeks, but he slowly became a locker room cancer and has rarely seen the ball due to injuries and lack of effort

b. Jets fans get their wish to have Brian Schottenheimer fired prior to 2012 (and many proclaim that ANY coordinator would be a huge improvement) only to see him replaced with Tony Sporano and Mark Sanchez statistically regress from his prior two seasons.

c. Braylon Edwards gets re-signed at the end of 2012 and the 2013 training camp per fans wishes, only for him to contribute little to nothing in both stints

d. After going to the Pro Bowl in 2012, Antonio Cromartie gets a seemingly deserved extension - only to have one of his worst seasons since his final years in San Diego

Needless to say, despite how popular and great sounding some ideas we as fans may have as far as personnel, we can sometimes be just as wrong as the professionals we mock. While it is easy to say that change is good, as always it is necessary to be careful what you wish for.

Because what you think you want may not always be better.

As for Rex Ryan, he could get fired by the Jets and replaced with someone who needs to gut the entire staff and roster - possibly imploding the 2014 and 2015 seasons. By contrast, he could be retained and reward us with another 2012. Both seem equally likely because the NFL is so unpredictable.

Please, express your thoughts and feelings how Rex is right/wrong for this franchise, how he can/can't run a team, how the next guy will be better/worse than him. But in the end, we've been wrong about personnel before - could we be wrong again?

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