Mock Draft

1st Round

Eric Ebron, TE-UNC

I really do believe this guy is the real deal. He can catch and is a mismatch nightmare. The NFL is about winning matchups of certain players against their opponent and safeties, lbs, and corners won't be able to cover him. He will give Geno an extra weapon down the seam or on the goal line. Many people knock his blocking. I personally saw great strides this year in that area. The progression he has shown year to year shows he works hard on perfecting his game. Thanks to winning that meaningless game against Brown we will have a pick probably around 15. I dont expect watkins or mack to be there and i think the bust potential for Lee or Evans is higher than Ebron. I think he is the next TE superstar, I like Amaro as well so i wouldnt be too hurt if he gets picked either although my preferences with this pick are Mack, Watkins, Ebron, Amaro, Evans, Lee

2nd Round

Kyle Van Noy, OLB- BYU:

Yeah ok i get it it isn't the wr you wanted, but let's be real, the top one's will be gone in my opinion except for Allen Robinson and i think Van Noy is the better player here. The guy can cover and blitz and god does he have a motor. Many thought he would go in the middle of the first but the amount of talent in this draft makes him fall. My preferred list in this order is Matthews, Benjamin, Sefrani-Jenkins, Cyril Richarson, Van Noy, Allen Robinson. I love the options in the 2nd round, especially if someone falls, but there is no way all of those guys fall halfway into the 2nd. With all of the great wr's in this draft perhaps Matthews or Benjamin will fall us but I am realistic and conservative in my drafts in terms of hoping for great players. That being said Van Noy is a steal here but i think it is extremely realistic and probable.

3rd Round

David Yankey, Guard- Stanford

There are alot of great guards in this draft that i think can start from day 1 and Yankey is in my opinion at the bottom of those guards. For me it goes Cyril Richardson, Zach Martin, La'el Collins, and then him. There is no way 4 guards go in the 1st 2 rounds. I mean it always could happen but with the talent at skill positions i dont see it. We replace the aging colon with a newer guy and hope that winters development continues. If not at least we added some depth am i right?

3rd Round

Aaron Colvin, CB- Oklahoma

This guy just does all the right things on the field and is a great football player. He may not wow you with his speed, but his hits will and he always seems to be around the ball or making plays.

4th Round

DeVante Parker, WR- Louisville

Great big wr who is competely overshadowed in what is a great class for wrs. He is good at the jump ball and well we need another wr given the our roster.

5th Round

Jacob Pedersen, TE- WIS:

a hard nosed football player. He may be a little undersized but he is a good blocker and is mentally ready. I think he would be a good #2 TE in the league. I hate both of our main TE's on the roster currently and getting 2 fresh new ones would be a great idea over the next 2 years.

6th Round


7th Round


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