Jets Second Round version 1.1

Clearly, this pick depends on the first. But, I'm going to take a look at the players ranked near the are we are picking. We currently have the 46th pick. Again, looking into CBS top player rankings I'm going to go with 40th-52nd. 6 picks on either side. Some of these guys will definitely be gone. Some may become 3rd round picks. It's all we have to go on in this early stage. There are some exceptions because so many of the position are available we could get a fall.

Second Round:

Brandin Cooks WR (46th overall, 8th WR): The WR that could fall to us since there are 6 ahead of him. A small receiver with great speed and agility. His off the line burst is very impressive and runs great routes. He has problems getting off the line. Has been compared to Tavon Austin in terms of breaking tackles. Has a whopping 120 catches this year for 13.9 average and 15 TDs. Had a few rushes a game too for 6.7 yards each and 2 TDs. projects to be a true slot receiver. Not that he would be 3rd best on the team but moving around will help him with press coverage issues. If we don't have a big splash FA time he could be an option if we grab a 1st round TE or anything besides WR.

EDIT: If these rankings are to be believed, he has fallen from 37 to 46. Some rankings have him lower (57th overall via Still in the mix with our 50th pick

Kyle Van Noy OLB (41st overall, 5th position): Had 13 sacks and lead college football in 2012. This, combines with 22 tackles for loss puts him at 35 tackles behind the line. He had 53 tackles on the year. This year, he has 60 tackles, 16 of them for a loss, and 4 sacks. Slight dip in performance there. You see drops in performance from time to time. Will you be getting the guy who had 3 tackles behind the line every game? Or the 1.5? Might actually work with the Jets. There are so many other lineman to worry about he could be let lose to chase the QB. WalterFootball dubs him a phenomenal blitzer. I doubt he will be around though. Might even be a first rounder.

EDIT: A one spot drop. All info remains the same. Same goes for the next two

Zack Martin OG (42nd overall, 3rd position): College left tackle that doesn't quite have NFL size. Seems to have struggles with pass protection (criiinge). Has athletic movements but not very explosive. Above average straight line speed makes him a solid run blocker at the second level. For a team with a young QB, I am a little hesitant on his weaknesses.

Ka'Deem Carey RB (43rd overall, 1st position): Based on the fact that he is the top RB, a team could easily grab him way earlier than us. He's a small slashing RB with good agility. He will need to bulk up maybe 15-20 lbs. It is unknown if he can keep his speed after doing so. Has had off the field issues. 1716 yards (5.3 avg) and 17 TDs. Only 26 catches for 6.7 yards/catch and 1 TD. Another player who had a much better (1929, 6.4, 23) sophomore year. Seems like a solid runner but lacks in the "flash" department.

Trevor Reilly DE/OLB (45th overall, 5th position): Relies on athleticism to beat defenders. Definitely has the NFL build for OLB but his tape this and last year was somewhat disappointing for such a good size. Has bounced from DE to OLB. Not quite bulky enough for DE and on the slower side for the OLB spot. Definitely a work in progress player.

EDIT: Dropped 2 spots. Puts him in range for our 50th.

Kelvin Benjamin WR (36th overall, 6th position): Opposite of the other WR in here. Kelvin is a BIG man. 6-5, 234. Add that to his 4.55 speed and suddenly you have a scary receiver. He is a bit raw in terms of reading defenses and technique. Which is what keeps him in the second round. If somehow he hits a 40 below 4.5, his entire draft stock changes. On the other side, if he hits above 4.60, he may slip a round. Only 50 catches on the year. But with 19.1 yards/catch and 14 TDs, the sophomore showed his big play ability. It might be tough for the Jets to take another project WR in the second round but if we don't grab one in the 1st, when the hell are we gonna give our QBs some support?

EDIT: Has jumped up 8 spots. Many of you on here like this guy. Seems like we were on the right path. I'll have my eye on him during the Championship game

Bradley Roby CB (44th overall, 5th position): CBS has him this low. Most mocks have him as a first rounder. He has has a bad season on and off the field so maybe he will fall. Now his off the field problems are a bar fight in which he was suspended for. I personally don't put a bar fight that high as far as worrisome compared to drunk driving, drugs, etc. They happen and if it's isolated, whatever. He's a bit small, but is blazing fast running a 4.39. His ball instincts aren't the best and seems to need more aggression in short routes. The latter of these may have been how his college scheme/coach worked. If you are thinking CB here, he must come in for workouts with your team.

EDIT: Jumped up one spot. Nothing much besides that

Tre Mason RB (47th overall, 2nd position): Well, the surprise National Championship contender run helped this man. His 40 speeds from different sources are conflicting. I see 4.5 and 4.6 in many spots. So, we gotta wait on that. One-cut powerful runner even though he is on the smaller side in stature. He seems to have some smarts in the backfield and uses blockers well. This is what helps him get his 5.7 per carry for 1621 on the season. He has 22 TDs to go along with that. Doesn't have pull away speed and may get worn down being so physical at his size.

EDIT: One spot slip. Still in conversation.

Aaron Donald DT (49th overall, 4th position): leading the country for sacks and tackles for loss. He is a fit for 4-3 DT, or DE. Just doesn't have true DT NFL size. His 10 sacks and 12 tackles for loss are very impressive. Especially for an inside rusher. His size makes him lose the hand-to-hand battle when they occur. His first step/move routinely beats college lineman. If it can in the NFL, he could be very effective. "Come off the snap like shot out of a cannon"

EDIT: Slips two spots.

Xavier Su'a-Filo OG (51st overall, 4th position): Interesting guy here. He was out of football in 2010 and 2011 serving on a Mormon mission. Not that it really matters what he was doing, but he seems to be safe in terms of off field. To be considered in the second round still after missing a chunk of time is impressive too. Honestly, his positives seem great. Powerfully built, quick, good hand placement, good upper body strength. Strong Core and flexibility helps him against the bull rush. Shows lateral agility and balance in pass protection. His one weakness I can find is "lose leverage on contact". That's it. For someone with so many good things, I'm surprised he isn't slotted higher. Perhaps limited upside. But the guy seems NFL ready as is. I actually like him with this pick. We need Guard play NOW and if other areas are addressed in the first/FA I say go for it. He's older because of his mission trip before school.

EDIT: 3 spot fall. Everything still applies.

A.J. McCarron QB (53rd overall, 5th position): Typical Bama QB. Smart game manager with underwhelming ability. Their O-line is beastly with a strong running game. Had a good shootout vs Manziel though. Lacks in arm strength and tends to throw off back foot. 67.6% completion, 8.75 yards/attempt, 26TDs, 5 INT. It's tough to gauge this guy out. He doesn't turn the ball over which is huge for the Jets. But he just might not be that good in the end with his arm strength or accuracy. Over 3 years as a starter, his numbers stayed the same as can be. I don't see any more upside potential to him because of this. What you see, is what you will get.

EDIT: 4 spot fall. I still don't like him.

Antonio Richardson OT (50th overall, 6th position): Although ranked here by CBS, it looks like he is a first rounder. Even in CBS mocks. Huge man at 6-6 332. Everything I read is good. Quick, patient, and powerful. Shocking athleticism for his size. If he's here, it's a steal for any team. Not that the Jets need a LT at this point so he shouldn't be looked at too hard.

Odell Beckham Jr. WR (34th overall, 5th position): Really happy we have so many WR options (in theory). On the smaller side but very fast running a 4.40. Had 57 receptions for 19.6 yards per catch and 8 TDs. Seems like a big play man. Dual benefit in that he had 806 kickoff return yards on the year. On 30 returns that puts him at 27 yards per return. In the past, i think this would be a huge benefit. But with the new kickoff rules, there is diminishing return. I would like someone of his size to have more receptions to be honest.

EDIT: And the first big jump is here. Odell shoots up 15 spots. Outback Bowl is January 1st at 1:00 PM. Perfect time for hangover couch and football situation if you want to see him. I would now put him as out of reach for our second pick

Chris Smith DE (56th overall, 6th position): Can't find much on this guy. Seems to be a solid pass rusher but nothing stellar. 13 tackles for loss and 10 sacks are good numbers. Sorry but that's all I can find.

EDIT: 4 spot drop. Still no info. sorrrrryyyy

Deone Bucannon SS (57th overall, 1st position): I added this guy because he is the number 1 SS and should be available for drafting. And we do need safety play. Physical imposing hitter. Delivers "bone-rattling hits". Has 5 INT on the year combined with 109 tackles. Which is solid strong safety numbers. 5 tackles for loss is standard I think. Again, I can't find too much. We need pass defense at safety and I'm not sure if he provides that. But I think is a good second round pick for most teams in the mid round areas. The next safety (Ahmad Dixon) has more info on him. Including his weakness in the passing game. Which is no good for us.

EDIT: Dropped 3 spots. Above still applies

Phew that took a while. I know a lot of people want a TE in the second. I don't think any will be around worth getting. Ebron, Amaro, and Seferian-Jenkins are all gone i think. The next guy, Fiedorowicz, is a 3rd rounder.

Players I like in this list I like both guards Martin and Su'a-Filo. I actually like Su'a-Filo more even if ranked lower. Just seem ready to go now. Bradley Roby at CB is interesting because of his pure speed. I like Cooks a good deal too. Fast and sure handed is a good thing to find. The WR position is changing to allow big a small receivers alike. If we go WR in the first, I hope we go Guard here. If not, I really hope Cooks is available.

Now, looking back to the first round. If we don't get Watkins (praying), we should grab our favorite TE. There are a few options at WR in the second that we can go with to fit what has been done in FA.


We now have the 50th overall pick. So, here's a look a bit further down the list. Also, rankings have been updated. Check above for ITALIC AND BOLD numbers and EDITs.

Newcomers to the radar are put below. These guys are ranked 44-56 as of now.

Jarvis Landry WR (48th overall, 9th position) After some wide receivers have moved away from us, another falls right in the sweet spot to be picked. Jarvis has 75 catches, 15.6 yards/catch and 10 TDs on the season. Oh and that's with Odell Beckham, now 34th on CBS rankings, also catching balls. "Tough receiver with good hands" is always nice to see. Expected to run around a 4.5 40. He didn't have a game with less than 4 catches. Had 3 games with sub 80 yards catching (58,66,71) and 5 games with 100+ (109,118,156,121,113). I guess by not being a big play guy, he falls to the later second round. I don't see anything wrong with him as a pick here.

Davante Adams WR (52nd overall, 10th position) Hooray, more options. Word on him is that he has alright speed, tries to break every tackle as if it's the last play of overtime, and can catch anything thrown his way. Acceleration and agility are his downsides. Which is vastly important. He dominated weak competition all year. 131 catches, 13.1 average, 24 TDs. Yeah, you read that correctly. That's averaging 2 TDs per game. As a freshman, had 102, 12.9, 14. I think it's safe to say it wasn't a complete fluke this year if he produced so well as a freshman. Fresno state has some GAUDY receiving numbers. Next two receivers have 99 and 79 catches and over 1000 yards. At 6-2, he's not a huge receiver but reliable enough for Derek Carr to constantly throw the ball. Interesting guy to watch for in combine.

Bishop Sankey RB (54th overall, 3rd position) Well balanced running back. Decent speed, strength, toughness, and can catch. Another jack of all trades master of none running back. Could do with some bulking up. 5.7 yards a carry, with 20 TDs. Add to that 28 catches for 11 yards each and another TD. He has a habit of bouncing to the outside. With his 4.5-4.55 40 speed that won't work in the NFL. A guy like this will most likely come down to pass blocking. If he shows ability to do such, he could move up. If not, there's a lot of room to drop.

La'el Collins OT (55th overall, 8th position) Left tackle but had previously played guard for two years. Had a very good year and transition well to the tackle spot especially in pass protection. I think he could be a guard or right tackle in the NFL. I kind of like his versatility. He isn't exactly a project or someone who is undersized at his position. He actually is quite good at multiple positions. Gives him options as a young player to be moved around as needed. He is "slower" by running a 5.4 compared to 5.0-5.3 his draft-mates run. Not quite sure how this correlates to the quick drop lineman do. Maybe a shuttle run is needed to be seen? For a lineman, seems like another decent fit

That's all folks. There are now plenty of players here to talk about and argue over. Let me know what you think of the updates. As the draft nears I'll do some more adjustments. I kind of like doing the second round over the first. Less known players and more room for guessing what may happen.

Any players you like that are new? With the bountiful amount of WR available around this pick, I would really be okay skipping that position in the first. Watkins is still the exception here. Gonna go ahead and update my round 1 post and see how things look

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