My first mock draft.. Ever.

So I was bored, had nothing to do, so I decided to make a little mock draft/offseason. It's impossible to guess these correctly, but with this plan, I believe that this team heads in the right direction.

Notable Cuts:

Mark Sanchez

Santonio Holmes

Antonio Cromartie

All three should be cut. They're all making top tier money and performing like bottom tier players. Mark Sanchez could be brought back at a minimum to compete but that's all.


Austin Howard

Jeff Cumberland

Darren Walls

Leger Douzable

Nick Folk

These guys wouldn't cost too much and they're all solid players.

Free Agent Signings:

Jeremy Maclin: I don't expect much more than maybe a 2 year deal, but he'd start at a position of need.

Sam Shields: Good veteran player at a position of need.

Stevie Brown: Ballhawk. Just what we need in the secondary. He played real well last year and got hurt in preseason.

Jason Worilds: Would come in and start next to Coples. I don't see the Steelers paying him after drafting Jarvis Jones.

Kenny Britt: Team friendly contract. He messes up, he's gone. He's a talented player, and we can't ever have too many receivers.

Best Guard available


Round 1: Marqise Lee, WR, USC. Smart, good route runner, good hands. Really good fit for Marty's system, and NFL ready. I like him over Evans, and I don't think Watkins would be there.

Round 2: Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington. This pick would be for the best TE available out of the 3 of Amaro, Ebron, and this guy. I don't see all 3 going in the first, so I'm hoping that one falls to us.

Round 3: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, FSU. IMO, this would more than complete our receivers group. I don't expect Maclin to sign a contract for more than 2 years, so I'm drafting another receiver. When Maclin leaves, we'll have Lee, Hill, and Benjamin to start. Hill is only 22 years old, so I do expect him to get better. I really like this kid though. Big, tall receiver, and a hands catcher.

Round 3: Tre Jackson, G, FSU. This is more of a best guard available pick. Don't know if Jackson would be the best available, so whoever is , we take them.

Round 4: Aaron Lynch, DE/OLB, USF. He would play OLB for us. He had a down year, but did officially declare. I like his size and potential. He's 6 foot 6, with ridiculously long arms. He could go earlier, but with his down year, I'm hoping he falls.

Round 5: Tevin McDonald, S, Eastern Michigan. Brother of Rams' T.J. McDonald, and son of Jets' DBs coach Tim McDonald. He's got off-the-field issues, but he's talented, and with his dad coaching him, I don't see him acting up.

Round 6: Colt Lyerla TE, Oregon. This dude is troubled, but again, he's got talent. These late rounders IMO are better used on guys like this. Talented players, who you know could play in this league. I feel like he can play the role of an H-Back for us. Sort of like how Charles Clay was used before this year, and I think that he can be a real good player if he stays out of trouble. Could swap this with the 7th rounder and pick BPA here.

Round 7: BPA, or Colt Lyerla here and pick BPA in the 6th.

I feel like this draft would keep this team going in the correct direction. Makes our biggest weakness of WR, into probably our strongest. We would have 6 WRs that can all play at any time, and all are young with upside. Leave your thoughts below and tell me what you would do different. I know that I didn't draft a QB but I would probably sign one in FA to come in and compete for the job, I just didn't feel like looking at the list on my phone. I did this pretty quickly, so it's not perfect.

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