Lets Look Ahead to Next Years Schedule And My Acquisitions for the New York Jets (Version 1.0)

Hello fellow Jets Fans,

Now that the Playoffs are done I'm here to show you guys what the jets should do this off-season, free agent wise then look at our schedule (Subject may change) for next year. This is what is projected of course so let's run down who the signings and then opponents are.

Free Agents:


WR Eric Decker, Broncos:

Okay while he may not be leaving Denver its worth a shot looking at the 26 year old free agent wide receiver Decker has some good break away speed and is a threat that the jets may need against other teams. Lets face it Under our current situation the Jets could some like Decker. If he gone at the start of the resigning it will be no Surprise. The Contract i would give him would be around 4 to 5 years for 10 to 15 million

WR Jermey Maclin, Eagles:

Okay this may not seem like a good idea but after his injury i would give him a shot, Maclin is another Young Wide Receiver on the market that is highly regarded as good deep threat. Give him a call and don't go crazy. Talk to him about a 1 year contract around 5 to 6 million and Work From there.

OG: Matt Slauson, Bears

Well, Slauson's play has improved greatly since leaving the team and by god has been god like the Jets should give there former guard a call because he has been more then credible any other linemen on the team. He also keeps the young age at the team. See if you can get him for a 4 or 3 year contract.

LB :Wesley Woodyard, Broncos

After suffering a stinger in week 5 against Dallas Woodyard hasn't been the Same but he is good linebacker i think Woodyard will help replace Calvin Pace's end here in New York. Beside Anything is better the Pace no matter how many sacks he has.

TE: Jimmy Graham, Saints

Come On I don't need to explain this, Best TE and hopefully if Saints don't give him what he wants he is always welcomed here, May The Football Gods give us the luck to try and get him oh please just try.

CB: Aqib Talib , Patriots

The Fact that New England got the bargain out of the Buccaneers for this guy last year was strange to me. But then again its the Bucs. Anyways Talib has solidify himself as a top ten corner this year and that probably doesn't stop New England from locking him up for another 5 years. If he his out there pursue him hard and also i would give a big grin to take a good player from New England.

S: Bernard Pollard, Titans

Try And go after since the Titans are in the mess of what that team will be the Jets should be open to looking at him

CB: Vontee Davis, Colts

Another Top 10 Cornerback who hasn't been locked up by his team the Jets should talk to him and see if the Bill fits if anything the Jets will be set with him in the backfield.

Schedule Time:

Note the Same Place Finishers as of right now would be: Steelers and the Texans

Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers
Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
AFC North Same Place Finisher AFC South Same Place Finisher
New England Patriots (Div.) New England Patriots (Div.)
Miami Dolphins (Div.) Miami Dolphins (Div.)
Buffalo Bills (Div.) Buffalo Bills (Div.)
Disclaimer the Weeks is how I would have it Not the NFL

Week 1 Vs Miami

Week 2 @ New England

Week 3 @ San Diego

Week 4 Vs Denver

Week 5 Vs Chicago

Week 6 @ Houston

Week 7 @ Buffalo

Week 8 Vs New England

Week 9 Bye

Week 10 Vs Buffalo

Week 11 Vs Detriot

Week 12 @ Kansas City

Week 13 Vs Oakland

Week 14 @ Minnesota

Week 15 @ Green Bay

Week 16 Vs Pittsburgh

Week 17 @ Miami

Thoughts Questions: More to Come/Revisions

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