First Round Version 1.1

Now that things are looking rather impossible, many are looking toward the draft. Currently slotted at 13 and 45 I figured we could look at those players available. The first round is slightly based of Mock Drafts to see who is left after certain players fall and others "reached" for. Rankings are according to CBS.

First Round:

Darqueze Dennard CB (7th overall, 1st position): Best DB award this year. Best yards/target since Deon Sanders in college.

EDIT: Unlikely to be around this low.

Mike Evans WR (8th overall, 2nd position): Tall, physical receiver with good hands. The dude can get up and grab the ball too. 65 receptions, 20.3 yards/catch, 12 TD. Size speed and play style of Plaxico. Maybe he'll be just as good! A big target is what this team is definitely lacking.

EDIT: Dropping has hurt our chances in snagging Evans. I've seen him go to the Bills at 9 and Ravens at 16.

Khalil Mack OLB (10th overall, 2nd position): Fast and explosive. Great pursuit skills. 94 tackles, 10.5 sacks, 5 FF, 19 TFL, 3 INT. Has issues in pass coverage. Sounds oddly familiar to another Jets OLB/DE. The 29.5 sack/TFL number is very impressive though. Over 2 a game is something to pay attention to.

EDIT: Dropped a spot. Probably not going to falling. I've seen him go to Tampa at 7, Lions at 10, and Titans at 11.

Cameron Erving OT (9th overall, 3rd position): Aggressive and big tackle. Switched from DT to OT last year. Word is he plays too aggressively at times. Loses his assignment and gets beat by not being patient in pass block. This isn't uncommon for position switches and the dude has great size and athleticism for the position. Fantastic foot speed. He is quite big and still shows excellent quickness. Pulls well and accelerates strongly throughout.

EDIT: Slid up 3 spots. Based on mocks, he's going 19-21. So here is an option. We do need O-line help and I think this could be a bit of a steal later. Is this need greater than other positions though?

C.J. Mosley ILB (13th overall, 1st position): "Phenomenal defender in the passing game in man coverage, zone coverage, and blitzing." Seeing a quote like that must make Rex droooool. I am getting conflicting numbers on his stats. It looks like 100 tackles, 8 TFL, and around the same sacks. I actually like this guy to fit in well behind such a beastly run stopping line.

EDIT: Conflicting draft spots. I see Bills at 9, Saints at 27, and Giants at 12. I've already said I like this guy a lot. If all WR are gone, I'd love to have him

Jace Amaro TE (27th overall, 2nd position): More of a receiver than a true TE. The NFL seems to be going that way regardless. 6-5 260 and runs a 4.67. 98 catches, 12.7 yds/catch, 7 TD. The Jets do need a big target (see Evans). Is Geno good enough to utilize a TE like this? Will the Jets go out in FA and improve WR enough so he won't be focused by opposing Def?

EDIT: A biiiig fall for the TE. 12 spots. Looks like he will be around for our pick. Just found out he has some attitude and maturity issues. Maybe this is hurting him? Also, he is appearing to really be a one trick, although a very good trick, pony. Don't expect him to block well.

Marqise Lee WR (21st overall, 3rd position): Had a down year. 50 catches, 13.5 yards/catch, 2 TD. Last year had 118, 14.6, and 14. Some of which is due to QB issues. He is a small 'X' receiver with big play capability. Think Holmes, the one you used to be excited about. Runs a 4.40 and has good hands. This would give a TON of speed (Hill) in the WR department.

Edit: Slight drop here. I've seen him go to Jets at 19, Chiefs at 24 and Ravens and 16. I just really don't know about Lee. He had LESS THAN HALF the catches from one year to the next. That's just worrisome.

David Yankey OG ( 23rd overall, 1st position): We might start reaching here but he is the "best" Guard available. Balanced in run and pass blocking ability. Has seen time at both right and left guard. Is known to pull well for his size and get out in front of his runner.

Louis Nix DT ( 25th overall, 1st position): Again a reach but Rexy does like himself some DT. He is said to be an actual NT which works for the Jets. Season ending knee surgery and a great line already makes me want to just stay away. Not worth the risk for the probably small upgrade over what is there now.

For the first round, the apparent QB craze seems to really help the Jets out. Yes, we most likely miss out on any of them, but if we went QB first I would cry.

After fulling writing this up, I found myself thinking back to a few players. Evans, Amaro, Yankey, and Mosley.

Evans would clearly fill the WR need we have. As would Amaro. My fear with Amaro is that we don't have a QB to utilize him. The elite TEs now seem to have the best QBs throwing to them. Could be coincidental, but if Evans and Amaro are both here, I take Evans.

Yankey is interesting to me because I think we need better guard play badly. It's been a while since I haven't thought in my head "move in the pocket" with a Jets QB. Our WR don't get open and our QB is young. Beefy protection would be great.

I REALLY like Mosley. He just seems to fit with the defensive needs so much for an ILB. I mean, Harris has extremely ugly plays in coverage. Maybe he's every down. Maybe he gets put in on passing downs. Either way, I like him. I do wish that their was a coverage safety projected to be around 14th overall. That would fit quite nicely as well.

All of this depends on how FA is attacked and seeing how aggressive Idzik is. And of course, things change right up until your team is on the clock. Who knows? Maybe we trade up for Watkins. Maybe the Jets favorite player in the draft is a bit lower than what people have him projected. Cough, cough, Richadson, Cough. I like this part of football almost as much as the game itself. I just bought the winning Mega Millions ticket so after the drawing maybe I'll take a pro-bono job in the front office to learn everything I can.


We now have 18th overall pick. That changes things. Also, player rankings have moved. Updates above are in BOLD AND ITALIC. New players to be looked at below.

Eric Ebron TE (16th overall, 1st position) A whole bunch of mocks have us getting him. A big a capable receiver. Very athletic for his size and weight. Does drop some balls and is a work in progress as a blocker. More of a true TE than Amaro but he can still be put off towards the slot. A lot of what I read is about Ebron's potential. Definite mismatch for linebackers already and has a lot of upside. Do we have time to wait for it? Depends on FA period.

Haha Clinton-Dix FS (30th overall, 1st position) Now that we have slipped a bit, this guy comes into the radar. He's the best Safety in the draft which I think we definitely need. He falls in the draft for taking a loan from an Alabama assistant. Seems to be a very good pass coverage guy. Which, my lord we need. Does not tackle all that well and doesn't shed blocks. But, we don't exactly need more help stopping the run. He does seem to anticipate the run well and gets involved. Whether he makes the tackle is another story. Early on, expect him to just eat up a blocker in the run game. Which, in all honesty has it's place of importance.

After the updates and looking at my second round, I'm going to have to put my 3 favorites as Ebron, Mosley, and Clinton-Dix. They all fill needs (Mosley least) and with the abundance of WR in the second, I think we are okay. I'm only sold on Watkins anyway so I'm okay with missing Evans and Lee.

Thoughts? Concerns? Insults? Anecdotes? Horror Stories?

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