GGN League About Nothing Regular Season Recap


In Sorry about that Random Outburst for couldn't hold My Excitement for what was done this Year on GGN LAN as we end the Regular Season and Head into the Playoffs I will do a full examination of all the Teams in the LAN 1-14

No.1 Kevin Bacon & Eggs (13-1)

The Strongest Team By far in the league with Russell Wilson Leading the Charge Half Serious has built the strongest team in the league and Im Totally Serious about that. What Left Now for the Kevin Bacon & Eggs is to dominate the playoffs and that Starts by Beat Dabu's Team Your Worst Nightmare. No Wonder Kevin Bacon is American top actor just look at his team their fabulos.

No.2 Coonskin Jets (11-3)

After Starting off as the Unbeaten team of the LAN The Coonskin Jets have fallen back to earth but to there surprise that fall wasn't as colossol as they thought as the Recovered from ending the Season as the 4 seed to being the 2 seed. WIth Peyton Manning Leading the Team There is no Stopping Him (Unless He Runs into the Kevin Bacon & Eggs again). The Coonskin Jets Fall to Earth has been due to his Injury Prone Running Backs with Wide Recievers Picking Up the Slack there is hope to stack up to Number 1.The Coonskin Jets Start there Playoff Run against Give Him Da Buisness

No.3 The Great Godlike Admin Bro Namath (10-4)

*Disclaime The Great Godlike Admin is not actually on his team name

Probably The 2nd well built Team in the league behind the Kevin Bacon And Eggs. The Bro Namath's Lead the Charge with there amazing QB Duo of Nick Foles and Matthew Stafford both over achievers in everyrgiht this fantasy year Bro Namath and His Team have no reason to doubt there chance at the finals even with minor bumps in the road. He Go's In Against the 6th seed Eileen Sideways

No.4 Mean Green Machine (10-4)

When You end up with the Tandum of Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson as Your Wide Recivers There is no doubt that you would Score as much as the Mean Green Machine's did though it did have its bumps due to there struggles at Quaterback The Mean Green Machine is High Scoring Fantasy Offense with the Most Potential Yet to be Relized. He Faces the BaconDabuCheezburger

No.5 BaconDabuCheezburger (8-6)

The Team with the most over preformers this season the BaconDabuCheezburger's run by one of the editors at the Sister Sight Mile High Report come in as the 5th Seed and Fight for There Chance to Move On. Now With Tom Brady taking the charge can he pull of the Upset against the 4th seed Mean Green Machine.

No.6 Eileen Sideways (7-7)

The Great Smackdads of Smackdads finds his way into to the playoffs and by no surprise is it because of the Transactions he's made. After Starting off the worst way possible in a Fantasy Football Season The Eileen Sideways find themselves the Sixth seed over 2 other teams. With Jamal Charles as his leading Man he could be in to pull off a few upsets. While he May not be the favorite in this game against Bro Namath He May just be able to pull off an Upset

No.7 Give Him Da Buisness (7-7)

The Buisness is about to be Given. Sadly for Give Him Da Buisness his Season has been as Injury Plague as Antonio Cromartie's Hip * BA DUM TISK*. Having Loss Aaron Rodgers to what i believe is the remainder of the Fantasy Football Season he not in the best position facing of against The Coonskin Jets. Always believe in Miracles man Always Believe in Miracles.

No.8 Your Worst Nightmare (6-8)

He May have seaked into the Playoffs but he is the Most Threatning 8th seed of the LAN, With the Combination of Drew Brees and AJ Green The Nightmares started Getting Hot At the Right time but only to lose there last two in disappointing fashion luckly for him it didn't cost him his spot in the playoffs. He Faces off against the Strongest Team in the LAN Kevin Bacon Eggs this could be were his season ends.

Teams That Were Almost there 9-12

No.9 Marty's Morningwood (5-9)

Though he recieved his 9th lost a week before the end of the Regular Season The Marty Morningwood's have been wildly inconsistent or just unlucky and those are not formula's to playoff teams sorry SIone Your were a Sanchez Pick Six Close.

No.10 Achilles Army (5-9)

For a Rookie Year this isn't bad and for the fact that they have a chance at the playoffs makes it better then anyone could imagine. Congrats on your rookie year FB Mom close to playoffs but no cigar. Hey There's Always Next Year Right

No.11 Harley's Hero (5-9)

As Stated on top For a Rookie Year this isn't bad. They Didn't have chance at the playoffs to begin with and this is just due to up and down players on there team while dealing with this the Harley Hero's were able to overcome many things this year i look foward to there future in the LAN Next Year and Also Elimated Achilles From the Playoffs but no Hard feelings Right

No.12 Wilkshakes (5-9)

The Fall from the Grace of a 3-9 start hit the Wilkshakes and led them into a never ending spiral of losing sadly for them there was no recovering all there was a spinning and a spinning and a spinning turnslot of players and yes those words were meant to be repeated. The Wilkshakes fall from Grace is almost as bad the Buttfumble almost. Goodluck to you next year Wilkshakes goodluck to you next year.

You Teams Suck and You Should Feel Bad

No.13 Geno What I'm Sayin? (3-11)

The Smack talk he produced all this year and the trades he proceeds to try and rip me off this year with and he comes up with this. Wow Just Wow what bad management by The Geno What I'm Sayin. And This Is also a lesson for all the Children out there, When you Smacktalk pre-maturely you have to put up or shut up come game time. Oh Yea and Also Injuries Injuries everywhere.

No.14 Kissing Miss Kolber (3-11)

How in your right mind do you lose 11 straight what are you Mike Tannabum and forget to make moves to improve your team this was just bad management. Forgive me for harsh critisim but its around the 4th or 5th straight loss i would have thought about making deals


Offensive Rookie of the Year (Owner): Achilles Army
Defensive Rookie of the Year (Owner): Harley's Hero

GM Of the Year: Kevin Bacon and Eggs

Coach of the Year: Bro Namath

Offensive Player of the Year (Owner) : Kevin Bacon and Eggs

Defensive Player of the Year (Owner): Bro Namath

Special Teams Player of the Year (Owner): Coonskin Jets

Player Awards

MVP: Peyton Manning (Coonskin Jets)

Special Teams Player of the Year: Nick Folk (Geno What Am I Sayin)

Defense of the Year: Kansas City (Bro Namath)

Comeback Player of the Year: Alshon Jeffrey (Coonskin Jets)

Offensive Player of the Year: Peyton Manning (Coonskin Jets)

Offensive Player of the Year Not Named Peyton Manning: Jimmy Graham (Kevin Bacon And Eggs)

Good Luck to everyone in the LAN Playoffs !

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