How good are the Jets D at getting the football back for our Offence? read to find out

OK so i was inspired to write this quick post as a type of counter argument to Xes&Os posts entitled

"Jets 2013 Defense - On Pace for The Worst Turnover Producing D in 17 Years"


" Is Rex building the right kind of Defence "

I think a defence has 2 primary objectives

1) stop the opposition from scoring


2) get the football back as quick as possible for our Offence

Turnovers result in the D getting the ball back and as Xes&Os pointed out we are terrible. But stopping the Offence on 3rd and 4th downs does the same job. In both instances our D gave up 0 points and our Offence is back in possession so objective 1 and 2 are complete .

So i did a little research on how good the Jets Defence is at getting the ball back for our Offence and here are the results. There isn't any fancy tables because A) i dont know how to do them and B) i'm up in 6 hours to coach our youth team, but the maths is correct

I checked how many stops the Jets have on 3rd and 4th downs . The total was 134 stops. i added the 10 turnovers to give me a turnover/stops total of 144 . i then divided the total plays (860) by 144 to get the average amount of plays it takes to get the ball back for the offence. As it turns out the jets Defence gets the ball back every 5.97 plays. 860 / 144

So i thought it be interesting so see how the Turnovers leading Tampa Bay D fared out. surprisingly using the same formula it takes them 6.17 plays. 827 / 134 So even thought they had 19 extra Turnovers their Defence struggled slightly more than the Jets Defence at the 2 main objectives.

So i decided to find the team with the best average in this stat to see how the Jets looked in comparison . As it turned out it was the teams with the best 3rd down % Detroit. They fared best getting the ball back every 5.76 plays 801/139 .21 plays better that the Jets

So what about the team with worst 3rd down % to see how much better the Jets are. Atlanta hold this honour and they fared worst of all with it taking 7.43 plays 825/111 . Thats an extra 1.46 more plays than Jets Defence.

So in conclusion , the Jets are a top 5 Defence in this stat .21 away from the top and 1.46 away from the bottom.

Turnovers are great, but if seems like the Defence is getting the ball back quick enough without them. Keep the faith brothers and sisters, Report's of Rex demise is greatly exagerated

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