SWTD Mock Draft Vol.5 (Week 15)

Okay, so on my last mock I through in a monkey wrench. I chose to make AJ McCarron the focal point of the draft. Surprisingly, a lot of you seemed to like it. Like I have said previously, I still think Manziel is the best QB in the draft and If you had to put money on it, I still think he is the most likely to be drafted by us come May out of all the QBs.

I also know I said I would go back to my Manziel-Centered mocks after last week. But since you guys liked that mock, lets play around with it ONE MORE time.

Last Week's Order was:

Round 1: Mike Evans, WR
Round 2: Eric Ebron, TE
Round 3: AJ McCarron, QB
Round 3: David Yankey, OG

This Week's Version:

Round 1: Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech.


2013 Stats: 98 Catches, 1240 Yards, 7 TDs.

Okay. I debated literally for hours about this. I am usually against taking a TE this high. It seems like Marty has never really heavily featured the TE in his offense. On top of that our FO hasn't really used any resources at the TE position in years past. Lastly, I do not think TE's really contribute NEARLY as much as WRs do on a weekly basis.

BUT, Amaro is an elite prospect. Currently the #1 rated TE by most scouts. Hes huge at 6'6 and will probably time as well as some WRs in the 40 yard dash. Excellent receiving ability, fluid, great speed, and absurdly strong (as you can see by the picture). Would Lee or Evans help our offense more? Probably. But there are WRs just as good in the 2nd round. Jace adds a long needed dimension to this offense.

Round 2: DaVante Adams, WR, Fresno State.


2013 Stats: 122 Catches, 1645 Yards, 23 TDs.

This guy came out of nowhere. His draft stock is skyrocketing, and if he has a good bowl performance, I actually think he might be one good bowl performance away from being a first round lock. But teams will knock him for his average speed and weak competition. Adams has decent speed, great hands, and is very strong. He looks very stout on the field and is able to bully smaller defensive backs as a result. We have experimented on the ultra athletic WR and it didn't work. Its time to put our money down on a guy with supreme skill and the attitude and production to back it up.

Round 3: AJ McCarron, QB, University of Alabama.


(AJ speaking with his Superior).

2013 Stats: 67.6% Completion, 2676 Passing Yards, 26 TD, 5 INTs.

Yawn. Once again I am not enamored with the idea of the AJ McCarron pick. Its not a sexy pick. but it DOES make sense. The idea is simple. Surround him with talent, and protect him, and you should be good to go. He's a winner and will usually come through when you need him to. But do not expect much versatility or big plays from him. With 4 years starting in a Pro-Style system, he should be ready to go week one no problem. With AJ you get what you see: An NFL-Ready, game-manager, drop back passer type QB, with limited physical tools, exceptional intelligence, and the Heart of a Champion.

Round 3: Micheal Sam, OLB, University Of Missouri


2013 Stats: 42 Tackles, 18 Tackles-For-Loss, 10.5 Sacks

So, honestly, I am very weary of where he will go. Some mocks I have seen have him going in the 1st, some have him going in the 3rd. I just recently have been watching him. Most mocks now have him going in the 2nd-3rd. So I am assuming his play must have slowed down from where it was earlier in the year. He actually plays DE right now but projects best at OLB in the NFL due to his lack of size. He is quick off the ball, good speed, great strength, and natural pass rushing ability. With this pick, we finally get our speed rusher. Our Front 7 would finally be complete & would surely be a Top 3 unit.

Round 4: Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, University Of Florida


2013 Stats: 24 Tackles, 2 Interceptions, 7 Pass-Breakups, 1 Sack.

Athlete. If I had to describe Purifoy in 1 word that is the word I would use. The kid is a pure athlete. At 6'1 he has great length and amazing speed. Also is extremely fluid in his movement. He is very physical and very agile. He can bully large receivers and keep up with small shift receivers also. Insanely fast for his size, and has great fundamentals. He has the athletic potential to be a shutdown Cb, he just needs the proper coaching. Also has great ball skills because he also plays WR.

I would say he was a high-mid 2nd round pick before this year, but his numbers are very down this year from where they were last year. He has also been banged up this year and was suspended for a game for violating team rules. So while it sounds like he may be a bit of a bonehead, he is simply too much a freakish AND skilled athlete to pass up. He also plays offense. He plays WR for Florida, so overuse of his body may have something to do with his injuries this year.


So this scenario is somewhat similar to the last. However, we instead target the Top Tight End prospect since there are only 3 in the draft. Due to an extremely deep WR class, we can afford to pick up one in the 2nd Round. After 2 rounds, we have already MASSIVELY upgraded our receiving corps. 3rd round we get our QB. We put him back where he is comfortable, in an extremely talented offense that can hide his weaknesses and play to his strengths. We will let our high power weapons do the talking. AJ will do for us what he did at Bama. Accurately get the ball the right man, and don't make mistakes. We need a QB that has an NFL ready mind, and that we can count on to not turn the ball over. AJ is that guy. Then later that round we add a speed rusher to finally put our Front 7 over the top. Factor in the ages of all 7 guys, this potentially could be a Top 3 unit for the next 5-7 years. Lastly, we get another CB to pair with Milliner. Purifoy compliments Milliner well because he is an ultra-athletic ball-hawk, which would help us force the turnovers that Milliner is unable to. With Milliner, Walls/Purifoy and Wilson, we should be set at CB for the foreseeable future.

What do you guys think? Enjoy it. Next week I expect Johnny Football to make his epic return.

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