Ready, Set, FIRE!

I'm sure there will be a chorus of folks telling me this is an "overreaction" or that it's "too early" to say this stuff or suggest that because I'm a very critical Jets fan, I'm somehow not a "real" Jets fan. So, to get ahead of all that, I'll start this off with a fair warning that you're more than welcome to say all of those things in response, but please know, I could not care less. This is precisely how I feel now, it is how I will feel tomorrow and it is how I will feel next week, even if the Jets Offense magically looks like the Broncos Offense (but it won't). These last three games have been right up there with some of the WORST sequential offensive performances I have ever seen from any football team. We are right there in the basement with all the past basement dwellers, so in my mind, no suggestion is an overreaction. The only overreaction would be suggesting there doesn't need to be drastic changes. Immediately.

Now for the thread:


Rex Ryan will not be the head coach next season. Of that I am fairly confident. But Rex Ryan doesn't deserve to even last the rest of this season. For the team to have dropped off from where we were at the first nine games (inconsistent but serious contenders) to where we are now (a bad joke), isn't a slump. It's a collapse. And it's the second collapse in as many seasons, both with Rex at the helm, and more importantly, both falling into the same pattern of play. If you can subtract the Tebow-Sanchez-Tanny-Sporano element, but still wind up with eerily similar play on the field, that indicates there's something left to go. I say, fire Rex now. Send a message. Try and jolt some life into this team. We are very unlikely to make the playoffs, but it might give us that push we need to fight for a spot until the end.


The first offseason move is to give Marty Mornhinweg a big fat contract to stay on as our offensive coordinator and to get his advice as to who he would like to work with as a replacement HC. Why, you might be asking, considering what I just wrote above about our offense? Because these offensive struggles have Rex's name written all over them. The style we've been seeing lately is almost a mirror of last year. Run, run, play action, punt. That's Rex at the core. The fact that we were able to contend with this pathetic group of offensive scrubs in the first 9 games, playing a style more easily identified with classic Marty, speaks volumes to how effective he is as a coach. No need to throw out the engine because the rest of the parts stop working. Save it for the next car and save Marty for next year.


Going into the season I felt like a broken record worrying about our offensive line. I'll admit to feeling slightly vindicated, although it's definitely an example of how much being a Cassandra can suck sometimes. I think it's obvious our line needs a revamp or else we're toast no matter which other moves we make. I say we finally show Brick the door, either renegotiate or trade Mangold and let the rest of the pieces fall where they may. In the draft, we focus heavily on BPA, but we weight it in favor of linemen. What I mean by that is, got an even rating of a WR, CB and O-Lineman? The only position I want us giving more priority to in the draft than o-line is QB, and that's just for one pick. I have faith in Powell and Ivory and I'm sure we can afford some solid, stop-gap veteran WR's and TE's in the offseason. But when rebuilding our entire offense, we need to start with the foundation.

Finally, as for this whole Geno v. Simms debate for the rest of the year, it's a crapshoot. Neither have any business calling themselves a starting NFL QB. Whoever we go with, fine, because they're equally awful. But I don't want either on the roster come the start of next year.

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