Wide Receivers Of The 2014 Class: Report 1

Some people ( like me ) are willing to argue that we have the worst receiving corps in the NFL. No matter how bad or good our QB is, our receivers suck. We all know that we are horrible at that position. And for that reason, I will begin a series of fanposts that will be analyzing a Wide Receiver who is likely to enter the 2014 draft. I believe that no offense could possibly succeed with the pass-catchers ( receivers or tight ends ) like ours. Also, I am not a mod, but during this series, I do not want to see any comments along the lines of "why does it matter if the QB sucks?" This isn't about the QB. This is about the player's individual skills. I would like it if you respect that. Help me out and make this series Geno-Free.

I will begin with WR Brandon Coleman out of Rutgers. This kid is a BEAST. At 6'6 and 220, you cannot afford to play man-to-man without double teaming him. He will go up and get the ball. He's a guy that you gotta gameplan for. His size is the thing that got my interested, and after watching some film, I developed a serious interest in this guy. He's the kind of receiver that you can lob it up to in man-to-man and he'll rise up above the defender and snag it every time. He has gigantic hands and just imagine what it would be like with good catching ability? This makes him an immediate threat from day one. Because of this and his run blocking which I'm about to get in to, he is likely to be playing an unusually high amount of snaps.

He's one of the best non O-Line run blockers in the 2014 draft class. If receivers were based solely on blocking, he'd be a top 10 overall pick. I'd compare the way he blocks to that of Stephen Hill. Here's a sample of what he can do in the run game. ( Watch replay to get full look )

Like I said, this kid will beat you with size and power. He's not very fast at all. Don't be surprised when you see his bad 40 time. He's not THAT slow, but he's slow for his position. No breakaway speed for this kid. He also has some dropping issues. They aren't too bad, but I always feel like he's one step behind in the head. He never reacts quick enough and that leads to not putting his hands up in time, which causes drop problems. Sometimes it's the other way around, to where he will stick his hands out toward the ball way too early and it will bounce off his hands. These are things that you would expect out of a college player. I wouldn't call him a long-term project, but he's pretty raw. It might take him 2 or 3 seasons for him to reach his ceiling. To add on to that, I think it would be realistic to expect a team to make an attempt at turning him into a TE based on his size, strengths, and weaknesses. No matter what, he's a good target.

The only injury history I can dig up is a minor knee procedure last off-season. That's the reason why his 2013 stats aren't up to his 2012 year ( listed below ). He had to miss some practice time because of it.

2011: 17 receptions, 552 yards, and 6 TDs.

2012: 43 receptions, 718 yads, and 10 TDs.

2013: ( season not finished ) 29 receptions, 423 yards, and 3 TDs.

NFL comparison: Alshon Jeffrey/Braylon Edwards

( Braylon in his prime )

Personal evaluation: Late 2nd/Early 3rd round.

I'm hoping we take Coleman with one of our first 4 picks. The most realistic target is our 3rd round pick from the Bucs. If they keep losing, we'll get the first or second pick of the 3rd round, which is exactly where I would project him to go. I wouldn't call it a reach if we took him with our 2nd round pick ( estimating that it will be somewhere in the mid teens ), but there are probably better players.

EDIT: For some reason, I can't get the videos to show up. Copy and paste the links if you want to see the greatness of Brandon Coleman.

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