SWTD 2014 Mock Draft Vol.3 (Week 13)

Yea I know I said Volume 2 would be the last until the end of the season, but I figured out a smarter way to reconfigure my previous draft. So I guess from now on I'll mock as I see fit. Should be one of the last ones before week 16 though.

Last weeks order was:

Round 1: Johnny Manziel, QB
Round 2: Aaron Colvin, CB
Round 3: Allen Robinson
Round 3: Jerimiah Attachou

So Lets get to this week!

ROUND 1: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M University.


I'm not going into this again lol. You all know my reasoning behind this. My rationalization for this pick? Idzik has personally scouted a few A&M Games & Bridgewater/Mariota/Carr will all be gone well before when we pick. The highest rated QB left by the time we pick will be Manziel. Villain. Hated. Doubted. Just like the Jets. This kid was born to be a Jet.

Round 2: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt.


I have my doubts that he falls this far. But crazier things have happened. Keenan Allen & Robert Woods both have 1st round talents but dropped significantly. Matthews was projected as a top receiver in the beginning of the year, and has played like one. But questions have arisen about his speed. But as well all know, speed doesn't mean you'll be a good WR, ask Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates.

Matthews is the Anti-Hill. Hes Ultra physical and will fight anyone for a jump ball, and usually win. Imagine if Stephen Hill played with an attitude & physicality, that's who Matthews is. I do not understand the speed issue. He looks plenty fast to me. Hes a guy I want on my squad.

ROUND 3: Aaron Colvin, CB, University of Oklahoma.


Lets face it. Cro is gone. He makes too much $ and is playing terribly. Maybe he restructures, maybe not. But I don't see why we would even want to considering the way he's playing. Its time to get younger. If Dee matures well, He, Colvin, Walls, and Wilson is a really REALLY good and young CB core with lots of depth.

Colvin is a BIG, PHYSICAL corner with good speed. Hes not at fluid as some of the other CBs in the draft, but hes amongst the most physical. Top that off with good hands and hes a steal. This guy has 1st/2nd round talent. I REALLY REALLY like Ifo Ekempre-Olomu, but hes gonna be a first round pick.

ROUND 3: De'Anthony Thomas, RB/WR/PR, Oregon.


Huh? DAT going in the 3rd round? Yea, and I'll tell you why. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I am not a big fan of Oregon players. Oregon has the best offensive system in the NCAA and can maximize the offensive potential of ANYONE. This leads to many of their payers putting up mind boggling stats, that can a lot of the time be misleading. People also said LaMicheal James & Kenjon Barner were 1st round locks, and look how they turned out.

While I do think DAT is better than both of them, he is still nothing more than a gadget player. So why do I want him? Well we could use it. He is almost the same player as Tavon Austin, minus the hype. As good as Austin was, he was over-drafted. In the NFL, hes nothing more than a gadget player with big play ability. DAT is similar, he provides a shot in the arm to the offense. That's something we could desperately use.

Reasoning Behind My Picks:

Why no OLB? I wanted to include an OLB, but do we really need one? Coples still isn't playing up to par, but he seems to be improving on a weekly basis. Next season we will get Antwan Barnes back, who was very effective when he was healthy. With that duo, I just don't see the need to draft an OLB extremely high, unless it was a cant miss prospect like Anthony Barr. No TE? In our offense epically, I just don't think a TE warrants a high pick. We can find a quality TE in Free agency or after the 3rd round.

A Franchise QB, weapons for him to throw to, and an improved secondary to balance out the defense.

Idk, I like this draft better than my last one. More emphasis on the offense, which I realized after the Baltimore game, is actually worse than I thought it was.

What do you guys think?

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