2014 Mock Draft Vol.2 (Week 12)

Whats up guys?

This is volume 2 of my mock draft. Back in week 8, my original Mock Draft was:

Round 1: Kyle Van Noy, BYU

Round 2: Eric Ebron, UNC

Round 3: Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss & Craig Loston, LSU

I've made some major changes in light of our worsening QB situation and Secondary.

DISCLAIMER: This mock draft is not for the weak at heart. This is combination of what I THINK makes sense and that has a REALISTIC possibility of happening during draft week. This is also probably the last mock I'm making until the end of the season. Guessing our needs is kind of hard when we don't know them all yet.

ROUND 1: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M University.


I'm not going into this again lol. You all know my reasoning behind this. My rationalization for this pick? Idzik has personally scouted a few A&M Games & Bridgewater/Mariota/Carr will all be gone well before when we pick. The highest rated QB left by the time we pick will be Manziel.

ROUND 2: Aaron Colvin, CB, University of Oklahoma.


Lets face it. Cro is gone. He makes too much $ and is playing terribly. Maybe he restructures, maybe not. But I don't see why we would even want to considering the way he's playing. Its time to get younger. If Dee matures well, He, Colvin, Walls, and Wilson is a really really good and young CB core with lots of depth.

Colvin is a BIG, PHYSICAL corner with solid speed. Hes not at fluid as some of the other CBs in the draft, but hes amongst the most physical. Top that off with good hands and hes a steal. This guy has 1st round talent. I REALLY REALLY like Ifo Ekempre-Olomu, but hes gonna be a first round pick.

Round 3: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State University.


I have my doubts that he falls this far. But crazier things have happened. Keenan Allen & Robert Woods both have 1st round talents but dropped significantly. Allen is having a 1st round season, and has 2nd round talent. But still, Its very possible be slips to the Top of the 3rd.

Robinson is HUGE. At 6'4 he is pretty good after the catch and catches the ball well. Look at his stats. That explains this pick. He has 2nd round talent and would be a steal if we could nab him here.

Round 3: Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB, Georgia Tech.


To be completely honest. I do not know a ton about Attaochu. I checked out a few up his game clips and a few things I noticed. Hes got good size, at 6'3 and is has a pretty stocky build. He also has pretty good speed and could be the missing edge rusher that we need. He takes very smart routes to the tackle; He can project where the ball carrier will end up and rarely waste any movement. Hes having a good season and has 2 sacks in each of his last 3 games.

Reasoning for my picks: In this draft we get (Hopefully)- A Franchise QB, Starting CB to pair with Dee Milliner, A big starting WR who can be what Stephen Hill was supposed to be, and a productive edge rusher that will near complete our pass rush. Why no TE? 1. Manziel is not much of a check down type of player. 2. There are some very solid TE's in free agency next season. 3. I just don't believe TE is a valuable enough position in our offense to justify using a high pick on. Why only 1 WR? I expect us to heavily pursue Jeremy Maclin this offseason. Marty M is familiar with him and he should come cheap coming off the injury. Low risk, high reward; that's right up Idzik's alley. No safety? There are some quality Safety's in free agency and Antonio Allen might be developing into a starter.

I admit, this is easily the most unsure I've been about a mock draft. But I think all these picks are very possible, fill a need, and represent high value. I look forward to making one that is based on fact after the week 17, instead of one based on projections.

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