Can We PLEASE Stop Lying to Ourselves and Draft a Quarterback?

Look, I get all the endless issues with our WR corps, and our assorted OCs, but is it not clear to everyone that the Jets are absolutely 100% STILL in need of a franchise QB? Cue apologists asking if I can see into the future, citing rookie struggles on top of the aforementioned issues, blah blah.

I understand that apologists also likes to say: "Not every QB is going to be Brady/Favre/Brees" followed by saying: "Not every class is going to produce 3 QBs like RGIII, Luck and Wilson". All this might be true, and we certainly know there are no sure bets in the draft. But what we are learning is that QBs are getting better, and this year's draft is ripe with talent (no, not Manziel). I say trade up to get them if necessary. I usually agree with the BPA strategy, but not now. Complain all you want about rebuilding and needing to compile draft picks. They are ultimately worthless without the NUMBER 1 POSITION ON THE FIELD THAT MATTERS MOST IN TODAY'S NFL.

We should all seriously take a look and realize that for QUITE some time, the Jets have not had an elite QB. They actually have not even had a good QB. Teams that win consistently have very good QB play, it's that simple.

Can we PLEASE stop having to make excuses for our QB? Can we PLEASE stop having to fiddle with pieces AROUND our poor QB and relying on our defense? Can we PLEASE stop having to wait 3 years at a clip to "wait and see". Pennington was made of glass, Sanchez was ill-prepared, and Geno is ill-equipped. The end.

Further, regarding that last point, I truly realize it often takes a few years to give a rookie a fair chance to see what they're capable of. It may have taken 3 years to realize Sanchez was DEFINITELY not the answer, but he wasn't blowing anyone away in the first 2. Additionally, our 2nd round pick should not be given a 3-year window. I'm sick and tired of game-managers.

Finally, I realize the Brady/Belicheat era is coming to an end soon, but I'm sorry guys as long as they reign, you need to be capable of putting up points. Offense must score points. Offense. Not special teams, not defense. And no, my dear apologists, the fact that we beat them in the last outing does not prove one single thing. They're laughing all the way to the playoffs every year, happily embarrassing us the other 80% of the times we meet.

If this team and Izzy are serious about competition at every position, then there is NO question that the QB position is STILL the number 1 battle next year, once again. I don't root AGAINST Geno, I don't want him to fail, but he definitely should NOT be in position to have a competition-free spot, which is what he has currently. We must address this come draft time.

Are we not all tired of waiting?

P.S. Also no more "project" offensive players. "Project" defensive players are OK as long as Rex is here because he knows how to make them into killers. Again, please draft the top offensive talent based on our talent-evaluators who are paid extremely well to do so.

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