Proper Etiquette when Posting in a Game Thread

NJJetFan's post with advice on what to do when joining another site inspired me to do a similar guide to posting in SB Nation game threads. Please note that this post is purely tongue-in-cheek. I'm not calling anybody out personally. I'm also not calling out this site. I have noticed the things below are common across game threads on SB Nation sites. I even engage in some of these things from time to time.

Rule 1: When your team falls behind in the opening minutes of a game, it is time to throw in the towel.

"Game over," "I might as well turn this off," and similar comments are appropriate responses to a small early deficit.

Rule 2: The refs are out to get your team.

There is no room for grey area. There is no such thing as a borderline call. You might see calls that could go either way in games where you have no rooting interest, but not in your team's game. Any remotely close call that goes against your team is proof there is a conspiracy to help the other team. The league just loves making your team suffer. You likely will have a friend watching this game who isn't even a fan of your team who thinks the officiating has been terrible. Post about that.

Rule 3: The announcers are also out to get your team.

Any praise they give the other team is proof they are rooting for that side. They just won't stop praising the other team's quarterback. Sure, he's thrown for 400 yards, and his job is to analyze the game, but enough already. We've heard enough about him. Also if they so much as agree with one of the calls mentioned in Rule 2, this is just further proof the announcers are part of the conspiracy.

Rule 4: Every coach should be fired, and every player who is playing poorly should be traded.

If these guys can't get up for a game, they need to be sent packing.

Rule 5: Every petty score must be settled.

Somehow your team has defied Rule 1 and has taken the lead. This is time to announce you are going over to the opponent's site to troll. You had an issue that week with one or two of that site's members. Who cares about the hundreds of innocent members you will be bothering? You are totally. But if they come to your site, they'd better not bother the hundreds of innocent members who had nothing to do with your fight.

Rule 6: Rub your win in the media's face.

The media doubted your team, and now look at what happened.

Rule 7: Enjoy your rival's misery.

Your team has come back to win, but your rival is now losing. Check out that team's site and point out how much fun their misery is. Can you believe how ridiculous those fans are in their game thread?

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