The 2014 Draft QB Prospect Watch

*Clears throat*

Well gentleman, here we are. As a short DISCLAIMER:

-NO, I nor anyone on this thread (I hope) is saying Geno Smith is a bust.
-NO, I am not saying Geno Smith is NOT the guy.
-YES, I am saying Geno Smith MAY NOT be the guy, and in case he isn't, we should review the great prospects in this amazing upcoming QB Class.

So before you come in hear screaming/crying and starting fights with your Geno Smith T-Shirt on, PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER.

Now, back to business. I'm just gonna go with my favorite 3 guys to kick off the thread.

1. Johnny Manziel, Redshirt Sophomore, Texas A&M University


Season Statistics: 3313 Passing Yards, 73% Completion Percentage, 31 Passing TDs, 11 INTS. 611 Rushing Yards, 8 Rushing TDs.

Obviously, anyone that has ran into me on GGN or Twitter knows how I feel about Manziel. I see him as a 1 man offense. Besides Mike Evans, he has no weapons, a sketchy line and a terrible defense. TAMU is a relevant team solely on his shoulders. Even with no talent, and when everything breaks down around him, he is a danger to score anytime the ball is in his hands. He makes everyone around him better against all odds and that's a rare characteristic.

-Unparalleled elusiveness
-Great speed
-Underrated Arm strength
-Clutch beyond belief.
-Most ACCURATE QB (73%) in the Nation. He has the highest completion percentage in the NCAA. Manziel has also thrown more passes than Bridgewater/Mariotta and is still more accurate than both of them.

2. Marcus Mariota, Redshirt Sophomore, University of Oregon.


Season Statistics: 2819 Passing Yards, 64% Completion percentage. 25 Passing TDs, 0 INTs. 477 Rushing Yards, 9 TDs.

-Freak athlete
-Blazing speed
-Very accurate on short-medium passes.

I think most of Mariota's hype lies in his athleticism. With good reason. Hes a freak. Hes huge and hes ridiculously fast. For me, anyone from Oregon scares me. There is a chance Mariota may just be a product of his system. But if hes not, then whoever gets him will have a franchise QB on their hands.

3. Derrick Carr, Fresno State.

Season Statistics: 3421 Passing Yards, 69.5% Completion Percentage, 32 TDs, 4 INTs.


-Strong Arm
-Really good Mechanics
-Can make all the throws.
-Clutch, a lot of "carry" factor.

I just recently got on the Carr wagon. His stats are very good and when I watch him play he always impresses me. Hes strong and can make any throw you ask him to make. Like Johnny Football, he also has a unique ability to carry a team, carrying Fresno State to an Undefeated record. But, out of all the Top QBs, I think Carr is the most likely to Bust/Or end up being a game manager Alex Smith type. Hes just across the board solid, doesn't have any 1 characteristic that can make him special.

Welp. Those are my 3 guys. Who are you looking at?

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