David Nelson Escapes League Fine, Has A Point To Prove Against Buffalo Bills

Al Bello

Jets wide receiver David Nelson escapes fine and looks ahead to an important game against Buffalo this weekend.

David Nelson was accused by volatile cornerback Adam "No longer want to be called Pacman" Jones of taking numerous cheap shots that the league should fine him for. Nelson was swiftly handed a $7,875 fine, which he revealed today was rescinded.

Thankfully the right call was made here, the play in question came on a running play away from his side where he locked up and floored Jones who has a history of problems. After checking it back, I saw absolutely nothing wrong, it was a clean tough play by Nelson who has impressed with his commitment and on-field performances.

It was revealed after the games against the Bengals that Jones made a threat to Nelson by saying "I'm going to find out where you live and come get you." You wouldn’t really expect anything less from a player with such a troubled past who has been in and out of the league. So that’s one matter to bed.

Another matter is David Nelson facing his old team when the Jets face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Nelson spent 3 seasons with the Bills, including an impressive 2011 season where he caught 61 passes. He left the Bills after they failed to make a qualifying offer, meaning he was free to leave, he found out about this on Twitter which is never a nice a good thing for a professional organization.

Nelson has really taken to the Jets like a Duck to water, his stats are respectable, with 16 receptions for 199 yards, although he hasn’t yet entered the endzone for a touchdown with the Jets, there is always a first for everything.

Speaking about the game in Buffalo, Nelson was quoted as saying:

"I could do the typical cliche and say it's just another game, but that's not the case," he said, adding, "I, like a lot of other players in that situation, took it personally. I'm out to prove this week they made a mistake."

"It will be a lot of fun, but at the same time, the front office made a decision not to re-sign me and that's a whole other animal," he said. "They made a decision and you always want to go back and show your ex-girlfriend and your ex-team what they're missing out on. It's that mentality. I'm not bitter towards them, but you still want to go back and show your talent and show what you can do."

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