The Six Most Useless New York Jets


On every roster, there are just some players that are absolutely terrible. There are others that are flat out useless, and seemingly could be replaced by someone with actual promise. Here are the six most useless players on the New York Jets roster:

1. Oday Aboushi - In his limited time, Aboushi demonstrated himself to be a massive liability. Remember Vladimir Ducasse during Hard Knocks? This guy is basically that. Aboushi should be sitting on the practice squad; I can't imagine a world in which any team would try and steal him from us.

2. William Campbell - Campbell is a defensive line convert that was drafted way too early, which is to say that he should have been signed as an undrafted free agent. More than anyone else, he needs several years on the practice squad before he should even be considered for a roster. I honestly have no clue what this dude is still doing on the team.

3. Clyde Gates - Before the return of Mike Goodson, I'd have said to keep Gates for his kickoff return duties, but now, he's completely redundant. Remember when he showed so much promise in training camp? Against the big boys, he's redundant, and useless.

4. Alex Green - Green has shown a little promise, but not much. With running backs Bilal Powell, Chris Ivory, Mike Goodson, and Tommy Bohanon, there's no reason Green should be using up a roster spot.

5. Ben Ijalana - If you have no idea who this is, I wouldn't blame you. Ijalana is the definition of "Break Open In Case Of Emergency," because that is the only reason he's ever going to see the field.

6. Ricky Sapp - Sapp was re-signed today, and he is, without a doubt in my mind, the most useless player on the roster. While other players at least have some potential and could develop, Sapp has again and again proven himself to be a modern day David Clowney, a preseason superstar that is just completely useless against the big boys. In his career with the team, Sapp has one tackle... an assisted tackle. Even Clowney had sixteen catches and a touchdown. I'd go as far as saying he's the most useless player on the team since Vernon Gholston (watch, now that I said that, he's actually going to tackle someone this weekend and make me look like a fool).

With that, I promise GangGreenNation isn't turning into Buzzfeed. We try to be above adding vaguely relevant tumblr GIFs to our lists. But please, if you think of any other players that might be a little less useless, please send to:

Attn: John Idzik
1 Jets Drive
Florham Park, NJ 07932

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