As a Jets fan, I hope the Bucs keep on losing.

As a Jets fan, I hope the Bucs keep on losing. Now, this isn't because I hate the Buccaneers. No, they will never be on the level of hatred I have for the Patriots. It isn't even because they were the beneficiary of a trade that literally ripped my heart out as a Jets fan, the trade involving Darrelle Revis. No, the Jets Defense hasn't lost much of a step without him this year. It certainly isn't because if they end up with a top 3 draft pick in a stacked 2014 draft, that as a Jet fan, I can cry over the idea of what could have been if the Jets had obtained that pick. No, Sheldon Richardson helps ease that pain.

The real reason I want the Bucs to keep on losing is because I am salivating over the idea of Darrelle Revis rejoining the Jets in the near future.

Now I know what you're thinking, "That's crazy, that would never happen". However, it is very possible that it could. The Darrelle Revis-Buccaneers situation is very unique in multiple ways.

1) Darrelle Revis is getting paid 16 mil a year, with NONE OF IT GUARANTEED.

What does this mean? This means that the Buccaneers have absolutely no financial obligation to Darrelle Revis. They could drop him today, and not owe him a cent.

2) The coaching staff of the Buccaneers are clueless as to how to use Darrelle Revis.

Much like Asomugha was misused in Philly, Revis is getting misused in Tampa. Revis' strength is shutting down the opponents' top receiver in man coverage by himself all year long. Yet, the Bucs have Revis playing zone. This has led to a subpar year by Revis standards, although still a good year by the standards of the league.

3) If the Buccaneers keep on losing and go into full rebound mode, why would they want to pay a Corner 16 mil a year, especially if he hasn't performed up to their expectations?

My guess is that they wouldn't. They probably keep their other expensive offseason pickups due to financial burdens, and try to either restructure or move Revis, which leads me to my next question.

4) If the Buccaneers ask Revis to restructure, why would he?

He probably doesn't enjoy being misused, or playing for a horrible team--- and he has all the leverage. He knows that he can still grab a big contract from another team if he hits free agency (maybe not 16 mil a year, but maybe his time with the Bucs teaches him that money isn't everything). If the Bucs' options are restructure or cut Revis, and if I'm Revis, I'll play my hand and force them to cut ties with me, allowing me to test the market. If they don't believe he is worth the 16 mil during their rebuilding mode, and he won't restructure, I doubt the Bucs would choose to keep him just for the heck of it.

5) The Buccaneers have the best CB in the league, why would they drop him if they could trade him?

Yes, trading Revis is definitely a great idea for the Buccaneers. However, again, what leverage do they have? They start negotiating with other GMs about trading Revis, but the other GMs have all the leverage. They know the kind of predicament that the Bucs are in. They know that if the Bucs really want to get rid of Revis, they can easily drop him with no financial obligations. The other GMs could easily drive down his trade value completely to a 4th-7th round pick. The GM only trades one of those picks if they want him bad enough that they don't want to take the risk of missing out on him in the open market. Other than that, they can just force the Bucs to drop him, and allowing for a free for all in free agency.

6) If by some crazy series of events, Revis ends up on the free agent market, why would Revis ever join the Jets again, and why would the owner who ran him out of town want him back?

A lot can change in a few months. The Jets have a much brighter future than they did during the offseason. Their once abysmal pass rush is now one of the best in the NFL, while their once amazing secondary is now kind of abysmal. They are currently playoff contenders this year. Next offseason, we will be able to dump the large contract of at least Sanchez, and will have a lot of cap to work with, rather being tied down by little cap space left by the carelessness of Tannenbaum. Barring an unforeseen meltdown, Rex Ryan will still be here next year. Being with the Bucs for one year will make Revis realize just how great he had it up in New York, and that the grass is not always greener on the other side. He would be able to reunite with Rex, a man who knows how to use him correctly. It would be good for his legacy, and honestly, I think with him, this Defense has a chance to be historic, which also has to be enticing for him.

I also think that this team is a Darrelle Revis, a Wide Receiver and a Tight End away from being a serious Superbowl Contender next year. I think both Revis and Woody would realize that, work out their differences and do whatever it takes to get Revis back on his island.

7) If by some crazy series of events, our ability to obtain Revis is threatened by another team's trade interest, do we outbid them?

I think so. I doubt Revis will garner a 1st rounder in a trade next year when he is a year older and just got traded for essentially that value. So lets say he is at least garners a 2nd round pick in a trade, which I still think is kind because of the Bucs' lack of leverage. I would pull the trigger immediately. Heck, I would pull the trigger on a 1st rounder for him. That would essentially favor the Jets a 4th round pick for allowing the Bucs a one-year rental for their star player. Jets still come out on top in that situation. If the Jets pick him up off the Free Agent Wire, they would have gotten a 1st round pick and a 4th round pick for a one-year rental. At that point, I can envision law enforcement coming after the Jets for absolute robbery. However, I don't think Revis gets traded, I think he stays or he gets dropped. If he gets dropped I can see him running right back to the Jets.

So I ask you this:

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