What If We Took Both Our Picks From The Revis Trade In 2014?

Once upon a time, when the Revis trade was being negotiated, the Bucs wanted us to take both picks they were offering in 2014 IIRC.

At the time I had wanted to take all the picks in 2014 because that would give us a better shot at getting that franchise QB we were chasing and I know I wasn't alone, but many more, including our GM John Idzik wanted to take get many picks as possible for 2013. After all, the Bucs were going to be good this year and it'd be a much later pick.

Even though I preferred picks in 2014, it was hard to argue with the logic of getting as many picks as you could in 2013.

However, now we're now just about halfway through the season and the mighty Tampa Bay Bucs are hilariously inept, so I can't help but wonder what if.

The first thing to consider in this what if is what we would do with only one pick in the first round. I think all of us, with the power of hindsight, would be fine with us drafting Sheldon Richardson 9th and just not drafting Milliner. If that's what would have happened we'd all be salivating at the possibility of having the exciting team we do and the 1st or 2nd pick in the upcoming draft.

However, it's more likely we would have taken Milliner and not Richardson. Our team would then look very different. It would be less exciting, but probably similarly successful (probably slightly worse on the run D and pass rush). But we'd probably be a little less confident in this team and have another hole to fill. We'd look at the 2013 draft way less favorably. And the upcoming draft would take on way more importance.

The other part of this is where things get way more fun.

We'd all be rooting against Tampa Bay in every single game, rooting for an 0-16 season. Every story of an MRSA breakout or Greg Schiano's sociopathy would certainly meet roars of excitement on this site.

And we'd be looking as a top 2 pick in a draft loaded with talent. We might be able to get Bridgewater or Clowney ... two surefire players at positions where we currently have promising young talent. So we could try to upgrade with one of those or trade out of the spot for a king's ransom and have a boatload of high picks in 2014 and 2015 to fully restock our team at every position of need.

The real interesting question out of this, is would you give up Sheldon Richardson for a top 2 pick in the upcoming draft?

How conflicted did that question make you feel?

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