That rocked! Folk yeah!

Yesterday's hard rockin victory might be a season changer. Or it might not. It might be a momentum booster. Or it might not. It might be the fuel that propels the Jets all the way to the playoffs. Or it might not. It's been that kind of a season so far. But there is on thing that yesterday's victory undoubtedly was and that is: revealing.

Let's break it the folk down. First of all this was a team that found itself down 11 points after the first half with loads of questions to be answered. The spirit had to be upped. The execution had to be more focused. And above all the scoreline had to be overturned. I wasn't throwing in any towels with 11 points down, but I was curious to see which Jets would show up in the second half and what they would do to crush the Pats.

Let me start by saying I would pay top currency to see what Rex told the team at halftime. Whatever the folk that was it went straight to their hearts because they played those hearts out when they re-emerged to the field. They looked at the Pats eye-to-eye and told them "you aint got nuthin on us. You aint all dat".

The biggest asset of this Jets team, the defense, came out with rage. They came out to kick ass, to shut down routes, to sack Tommy, to pick off his passes, to stuff the lanes, to outhit and outblock their opponents. They came out to win the damn game. And they did so covering up for the lost ground in the score by giving up only 6 points. But we've seen it before this year. No matter how good you play defensively you're not going to win if the offense does not put up points. It happened to us in NE where our D held them to a meager 13 points and we still lost. It had to be different this time. And it was.

Kerley was a weapon that couldn't be stopped. Hill did loads of unnoticed work, his game is silently improving and it shows even when he's not making the catches because Geno doesn't find him. The pass where he committed PI was a play you expect a veteran WR to make. Then there was Geno. He goes and throws an absolutely brutal and barbaric interception. It's the kind of pick-6 that can kill your psychology as a QB. But what matters is if and how you come back from it. Geno responded to that interception as if it never happened. What's tremendously encouraging is that he's shown before that horrible plays don't get him down. He responds brilliantly to adversity and should he stick to the NFL this will be one of his biggest charismas. John B said that he might be a Romo, well, if that's the case I'll take it all the way to the bank.

Still, lets not forget how only 2 months ago most were predicting this team to have a Titanic-type season complete with the orchestra playing as the ship went down. So far it has been thrilling with the sole exception of the Steelers game, other than that even when we lost we showed we were in it and could've won. And the victories have been sweet as folk. The Falcons and the final drive along with Geno's flawless performance, or the mega-stunner yesterday against the hated Pats and Tommy. We gotta be reckoned with. At this point, it seems that whoever is going to beat us he'll have to bleed in the process. We got game. There's things, obviously, that hinder us: inexperience above all. Or the injuries. Or the fact that not everything has blended together yet (but it is blending quickly nevertheless). Or the fact that we could use some more offensive weapons.

I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing things out.

Right now, this team has momentum (again), it has swagger, it has monster players like Wilkerson or Richardson, and it very possibly has players with a bright future like Geno or Hill. Untimely losses have been proficiently filled (Cribbs for Goodson to name just one example). Depending on what moves are made in the upcoming offseason this team could be one of the forces to deal with in the AFC for years to come. Yeah, that's a heavy statement, I know, but it's also a fact. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

For the time being we are bathing in the sweet after-echo of a victory that came in the most sardonic way possible. On a "questionable rule", ha! Bitterly protested by the team who's forever stained with the tuck incident. That's the way it had to be, the way it hurt most. Fate giveth and fate taketh away. It was absolutely folkin brilliant and it wouldn't have tasted better if I had written the script myself given how much I hate the Brady-era Pats.

Bring on dem Bengals.

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