When the media take us for morons...

While going through my daily diet of Jets related media stories, I fell upon this here yahoo gem:

New York Jets Need Defining Win Against New England Patriots on Sunday

In it, the writer delivers some quite psychedelic thoughts. He builds up his case about the importance of the upcoming Sunday game against the hated Pats and concludes that this is a "defining game" for the Jets' season. Oh? Sure, he says. That's because, he informs us: "For the Jets, a win will vault them back into the AFC East chase..."

Well, well, well. How times change. It was only a coupla months ago where you couldn't go through any season preview article where the Jets were not projected to go 4-12 or 3-13 and have a mega-disaster season, because, well, because they sucked thoroughly. So went the narrative.

Now, it's mid-October, and we find articles that claim we were in the AFC chase and we can get...back in it with a win on Sunday. You gotta love it. The consistency. The comical element in the whole thing. From the 3-13 disaster predictions to the "defining moment" and the perspective of being back in the race.

But lets read on for a moment. Towards the end of the article, we find this thought:

"A loss would have everyone saying these Jets can't win against a quality opponent, and they'd be right. You can't be taken seriously when your wins are against teams that are a combined 3-13."

I'm fascinated how common it is to twist realities when it comes to the Jets. Consider this: had the Jets beaten the Steelers, we would hear how you can't be taken seriously when your 4 wins have come against teams that are a combined 3-18. You see how this works? We were expected to beat the Falcons, right? Because, this is reverse logic that applies both ways in a lose-lose scenario for us: anybody we beat must suck. If we don't beat them it's because we suck! Either way, we suck, no matter which way you cut it, that's the media rhetoric when it comes to the Jets. So, according to that logic, the Falcons, who still might post a winning season despite their horrid start (being that they're loaded with talent) are now in the "suck category" because "even the Jets beat them". The Steelers, on the other hand, did what's expected of them, that is beat a sucky team. It's all part of a psychedelic approach that has always enveloped the Jets world.

Now, all this, and other similar stuff I've read in other articles these days, is stuff I thoroughly expected. Stuff that, if you're a fan of any other team and your connection to the Jets ranges from indifferent to none, you must think that Jets' fans are totally disconnected with reality. We're supposed to get "energized" if we win on Sunday says the article.

I don't know about "energizing", but judging from the opinions I've read before and since the season has started here in GGN, the Jets fan base was and remains relatively realistic. We were also surprised by the good start and, no, we did not expect to beat the Falcons just as no one else did. We didn't expect the defense to remain solid (i'm not forgetting our shortcomings, but overall I think the D has been our asset). We didn't expect to even be in the discussion about the wildcard because we knew all too well that the team was riddled with holes and it would be impossible to fill them in one season. We also knew, most of us, that Geno would probably be having a spectacularly up n down season (as many rookie QBs do) we just did not know how "up" his upside would be. Or, how "down" his downside would be.

So we're pleasantly surprised for the most part, but i doubt anybody is feeding on high expectations. The more positive this season turns out the more solid will be the platform for the years to come. This team is young. If it blends together through relative success, the odds of achieving further success become emphatically better.

Considering the utter mess in the cap, the free agents that left, the rock-bottom predictions, some people have delivered good work for the team in the off-season. Both the GM and the coach. I'm speaking as of now. My opinion might be modified after 6 more games, to the better or to the worse. We haven't been lucky with injuries. We could've used a break or two in games where we needed a break to pull through. And still. We are not in a bad place right now, and I'm saying this despite the demoralizing loss against Pittsburgh.

Way I see it, we've only got to gain from Sunday's game. Should we lose, it won't be cool, but it wont signal the end of the world nor the end of the season. Should we win, the ride goes on with all guns blazing, ok, whatever guns we've got available to blaze.

Obviously, we need to beef up in certain areas (esp. offensively in my opinion), but I think quite a few pieces are already in place and if the Geno-project does work for us we would have solved a massive problem and have less to fix. For the time being, I'm entertained by the media. I'm entertained when they hate us, even more so when they shower us with fake sympathy. I'm all used to it through decades of media-Jets-antipathy. It gets even trippier when the Jets do unexpectedly good (do they ever do expectedly good?). Then, they're all out looking for our defining moment. Not to worry. We will inform the world, I'm sure, when our "defining moment" comes. But it's not on Sunday. Peace.

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