Full off season mock

Keep in mind: If I were owner of the team, I'd hire a GM and then that GM would make these decisions

GM: Tom Gamble helped build the 49ers great defense with basically no holes on the entire roster. Almost every position on the team are or are borderline pro bowl caliber players. He deserves to be a GM, and the 49ers are what the Jets want to be.

Offensive Coordinator: Norv Turner

QB coach: Ben McAdoo (Green Bay coach at same position) has developed Aaron Rodgers into a top 3 QB in the league as well as made Matt Flynn a very serviceable QB in limited action. We should sign him to more money and also make him assistant Offensive Coordinator alongside Norv Tuner. It may take time, but these two will make magic together

WR coach: Kippy Brown (Current WRs coach of the Seattle Seahawks, helped develop Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin, can help continue to develop Jeremy Kerley as well as Stephen Hill)

Rest of coaches remain the same

Free Agency


Sione Pouha

Bart Scott

Calvin Pace

Mark Sanchez

Lex Hilliard

Vladimir Ducasse


Mike DeVito 1 year: $1.5m

Dustin Keller 3 years: $13m (why spend a high draft pick on a position we can resign? When Dustin is healthy he is a pro bowl caliber TE. Incredibly physical and awesome athlete. Poor QB play has really held him back from becoming elite)

Brandon Moore: 2 years: $8m (Brandon will be 33 when next season begins, and can play two more years. We also need team leaders and he is a 10 year veteran in the league)

Obviously try and resign Revis Long term. I'd say 6 years: $70m should do the trick

Signings: Matt Moore 2 years: $6m Would start and help develop a QB we take in the draft


Tim Tebow to Jacksonville for their 7th round pick (194th pick). Tim was traded for a 4th round pick after Tebowmania swept the nation, however he has essentially no trade value now after an abysmal season. We're lucky to be able to net a 7th rounder for Tim

Our 6th round pick to Washington for RB Roy Helu. Anyone else remember him run wild on our defense in the 2011 season in Washington? He was injured this season but it's worth taking a chance of a 6th round pick on him rather than use a higher pick on a RB because RB isn't a position to spend high picks on. Plus, Alfred Morris has made Helu an afterthought after only one season. Helu would team great with Bilal Powell with Joe McKnight on 3rd downs.

NFL Draft

We have so many needs and so little cap room given the Sanchez situation among others. That's why I didn't mock us to sign any free agents other than resign a few of our own. We also have so many glaring needs it'd be in our best interest to trade down multiple times the next two drafts.

Trade 9th overall pick to Chicago for a kings ransom because Jarvis Jones and Luke Joeckel are both off the board and because Chicago has to replace Brian Urlacher and see no one better to do it than Manti Te'o.

We trade 9th overall pick for: R1 20th pick, R2 52nd pick, R4 pick 116, R5 pick 148, R6 180

Trade value: 1350 for 1343.6

At the 20th pick, we want Chance Warmack but he is off the board so we trade back to 27th with Atlanta because they need to address the DL and aren't afraid of trading up to do it. Ziggy Ansah is available and Atlanta does not want to wait to snatch him up.

We trade 20th pick for: R1 27th pick, R3 91st pick, R5 155th pick

Trade value: 850 for 845.4

Picks available through trade and our own selections:

Round 1: 27th overall (from ATL through CHI)

Round 2: 39th overall (own)

52nd overall (from CHI)

Round 3: 72nd overall (own)

91st overall (from ATL)

Round 4: 103rd overall (own)

116th overall (from CHI)

Round 5: 135th overall (own)

148th overall (from Chicago)

155th overall (from Atlanta)

Round 6: 167th overall to WAS for Roy Helu

Round 7: 194th from JAX for Tebow

199th overall (own)

Through these two blockbuster trades, we can take BPA at each selection and because we have so many needs, odds are the BPA will fill a need.

Positions we need and hope to address in draft: QB, backup QB, FB, LG, RT, SOLB, WOLB, FS, SS

Draft picks:

27th pick: OG Jonathan Cooper North Carolina: 6'3" 310lbs. Stud that can step in immediately at LG between Brick and Mangold and push DL backward to the second level to allow our RBs to hit the holes and also solid in protection. Major upgrade over Matt Slauson

39th overall: QB Tyler Bray Tennessee 6'6" 220lbs. Sort of developmental QB that has it all. Just needs the right situation and coaching to allow him to blossom. Has a gunslinger mentality. Reminds me of Jay Cutler and Joe Flacco.

52nd overall: RT DJ Fluker Alabama 6'6" 335lbs. Mauling RT that would solidify our offensive line to protect Bray and allow our RBs to hit the second level.

72nd overall: WOLB Brandon Jenkins Florida State 6'3" 260lbs. Weakside LB that can pressure the QB and stop the run. Perfect side for a 3-4 defense and can play DE in Nickel and DIme situations. Massive upgrade over Calvin Pace. Coming off an injury that isn't as sever as it used to be, we take a 1st round prospect in the 3rd round. Steal

91st overall: FS Robert Lester Alabama 6'2" 210lbs. Ball Hawk FS that can lay the wood on RBs coming up the middle. Finally able to replace Kerry Rhodes in the backfield

103rd overall: SS Shawn Williams Georgia 6'1" 217lbs. We can't replace Landry, but Williams is a similar player who isn't as physical or fast, but can stop the run and hit like a LB.

116st overall: SOLB Michael Buchanan Illinois 6'6" 250lbs. Upgrade over Bryan Thomas, can stop the run and can play DE in nickel and dime situations

135th overall: TE Zach Sudfeld 6'7" 260lbs. Another TE in jumbo situations that can catch passes off of play action

148th overall: FB Zach Line Southern Methodist 6'1" 235lbs. Upgrade over Lex Hilliard, simply BPA

155th overall: OG AJ Hawkins Mississippi 6'3" 313lbs. OLine depth, BPA

199th overall: WR Aaron Mellette Elon 6'3" 210lbs. WR depth

2013 Season Depth Chart

QB: Matt Moore, Tyler Bray, Greg McElroy

RB: Roy Helu, Bilal Powell, Joe McKnight

FB: Zach Line, Josh Baker

LT: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Dennis Landolt

LG: Jonathan Cooper, AJ Hawkins

C: Nick Mangold, Caleb Shlauderaff

RG: Brandon Moore

RT: DJ Fluker, Austin Howard

XWR: Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates

YWR: Stephen Hill, Aaron Melette

TE: Dustin Keller, Jeff Cumberland, Zach Sudfeld

LDE: Muhammed Wilkerson, Mike DeVito

RDE: Quinton Coples

NT: Kenrick Ellis

SOLB: Michael Buchanan, Garrett McIntryre

WOLB: Brandon Jenkins, Ricky Sapp

ILB: David Harris and DeMario Davis

LCB: Darrelle Revis, Isiah Trufant

RCB: Antonio Cromartie, Ellis Lankster

Nickel CB: Kyle Wilson

FS: Robert Lester

SS: Shawn Williams

K: Kick Folk

P: Robert Malone

I don't think this team would win more than 8 games if this were the front office and roster for 2013 because there are so many rookie starters because we did not have the money to sign any free agents, but given a year or two and development of Tyler Bray into a top 10-12 range QB hopefully, I think this team has the players to do some serious damage. This team is also a very young team that with the right coaching and development, could compete for a long time.

Any suggestions or objections?

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