With the 9th Pick in the 2013 Nfl draft, the New York Jets select.......

Hello everyone instead of thinking about how horrible our last season was i am beginning to think about how we can make next season even better. I wanted to have this post before the combine (this one) and after when we can really learn more about the prospects. But our NYJ are in a good position, with not much top tier talent in this draft the jets can wait and pick the best available player. But i was wondering who you would like for them to draft... Make a list of your top 9 choices and lets see how they change after the combine. Here are my favorite choices right now

1) Luke Joeckel-.the only tackle i would take at 9 in the draft is Joeckel.. watching the Cotton bowl last night was the final straw for me, Manziel had 5 seconds or more on every drop back and Joeckels man was stood straight up. if we could grab him (highly unlikely) put him at RT to start sign Brandon moore for 2 more years and im not sure but hopefully move Howard to guard (i know hes very tall but he is also a great athlete and run blocker) then we trot out a line of Dbrick, Howard,Mangold,Moore,Joeckel then our offensive line problems are fixed and we have 3 interior lineman who can push the line and create running room while we have 2 bookends who will consistently keep the QB clean……(ends daydream)

2) Damontre Moore- and no i am not a Texas A&M fan but this guy also really stands out on film. Led is team in tackles while playing defensive end in the SEC!! quick burst off the line and has a great motor drafting him will complete our move to the 4-3 and have a lineup of Coples,Ellis/Pouha,Wilkerson, and Moore. all young and growing guys besides Pouha and another situation i would LOVEE. (Note: if Pouha isnt healthy cut him and resign Devito to rotate instead)

3) Barkevious Mingo- Athletic freak is a term that makes most Jet fans cringe instead of get excited because of another high draft pick that will not be mentioned in this positive post, but that is exactly what Mingo is. i know i an going to be bashed for this one but after the Combine youll see him climbing your list. 1st year he should be used like Aldon Smith, only on Pass rush situations which is not something you want out of a top 10 pick this man may run a 4.5 40 yard dash! getting another Von Miller or Aldon Smith to pair with Coples and Will gets me a little to excited

4) Chance Warmack- we all know this name and i have heard many Jets posts on this site that would love him in Green and White and i am one of them. throw him between Brick and Mangold and its like Faneca never left. Throw him between mangold and RT even if it is howard and dam can that side Maul in the running game.

5) Bjoern Werner- ive heard alot of people compare him to Watt but that is just like how every white slot receiver is compared to Welker but on the positives hes a great athlete who is still relatively new to the game after coming over from Germany also would complete our shift to the 4-3 and i love this guys acceleration off the ball and rarely see him playing with a bad pad level

6) Dion Jordan- still 4-3 movment occurring, this guy is a pure athlete, has covered slot receivers on many occasions and is 6-7! thats all you need to know about his foot speed and change of direction skills. Needs time to develop but assuming rex is HC annd Dunbar is still here Defensive line prospects get me even more excited. Could play linebacker in a 4-3 on passing downs and drop in coverage or rush the passer and would really give this defense a new element. Immediately our best athlete on the defensive line and in our linebacking core..but i dont know if that says more about him or the state of our linebackers...

These next 3 would not be my favorites and everything would have to fall against us if these 6 go first but nonetheless

7) Jarvis Jones- i look as his stats in with Georgia and against his competition and i should be very excited...but for some reason im not. Spinal issues always have to be mentioned with him and to me he is more of a fit in a 3-4 and i want the NYJ to transition to a 4-3 but he would be my BPA after those 6 and his impact would be felt..especialy on pass rush downs.

8) Ezekiel Ansah- you may say im crazy right now but watch where this guy is drafted come April.. signed on with BYU for track and wanting to pursue the basketball team but instead chose football and boy im glad he did. another very raw prospect whose upside is as great as anyones in the draft and as 270 pounder with that strength and athleticism and a great work ethic ill take my chances with him

9) Taylor Lewan- somebody did a great write up on him before in a post and i have the same thinking. if he can hold fort against Clowney consistently then he should be able to do so against NFL pass rushers. again would move him to RT and our line has come a long way

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