NY Jets Mock Draft 1



With so many holes on the roster the Jets need to fill, most of which will be through the draft given our salary cap situation. I'm assuming that we're not going to trade Revis or Trade our 9th pick for simplicities sake, so without further ado:

Round 1

Barkevious Mingo OLB, LSU


With Taylor Lewan and Jake Mathews are going back to school and Luke Joeckel likely falling out of our reach the Jets are unlikely to draft in the offensive line, Jarvis Jones and Geno Smith are also likely are out of reach as well. Mingo seems better than Dion Jordan to me because of his speed and athleticism (and let's face it anyone is better than Calvin Pace at this point). He will be a big upgrade at OLB and even if we can't get him Dion Jordan or even Ziggy Ansah are great options, either way we're going to get a good OLB to bolster our poor run defense.

Round 2

Giovani Bernard RB, North Carolina


As much as I would love to have Eddie Lacy from the Alabama he's probably not going to be able to fall to us seeing the other teams that don't have good running backs (Green Bay, Detroit, Arizona, Broncos even) so we're going to have to go for the second best running back in the draft. With Shonn Greene probably out (good riddance) and both McKnight and Powell not being starting-caliber players we need a starting RB. Bernard is a RB too perfect to pass up, He's explosive and Elusive and reminds me of LeSean McCoy, and he'll fit perfectly into Morhinweg's system as he has pretty good hands. If we can't get him Stepfan Taylor from Stanford would be another good option.

Round 3

E. J. Manuel QB, Florida State


Even though my signature says "Mark Sanchez for comeback player of the year" That wish is unlikely to be fulfilled and even if it is the Jets will probably bench him anyway when they get the chance to. Despite a strong performance, the Senior Bowl MVP still has his inconsistencies, it will depend on his upcoming performance to see if his draft stock rises or falls in the coming months. He struggles to read defenses and his field vision is a bit low sometimes (remind you of someone?). However he's physicality is fantastic at 6' 5" and 240 lb., having a great arm, and plus he's mobile too. Unlike Sanchez he's had four years under his belt, completing 65% of his passes, had 41 TD's to 18 INT's. His draft status is comparable to what Collin Kaepernick was 2 years ago. If we do draft him we can get the dynamic offense we were promised by Rex Ryan with him and Giovani Bernard. On a hypothetical note, let's say Mark Sanchez does have a comeback player of the year, year it'll be just like the 49ers we'll be able to start EJ Manuel in his second year and Trade Mark Sancehez to some team that needs a QB or backup QB.

Round 4

Ryan Otten TE, San Jose State


Dustin Keller is an Average TE and is only worthwhile because of his chemistry with Sanchez and plus he's probably going to ask for way more than he's worth next year in free agency so we're going to need an athletic receiving TE that will fit into Morhinweg's new system. He's speedy and has great size at 6'5" 235 lbs. If we could get him it would be a good addition to our receiving core. When it comes to blocking he is slightly sub-par, howeverwe could improve his blocking over time but while we wait Jeff Cumberland is a satisfactory TE for blocking.

Round 5

Marcus Davis WR, Virginia Tech


I've heard a lot about the Jets taking Tyrann Mathieu in this round but I just don't like having that kind of presence in the locker room and plus I think he'll be taken before we could get him. So Let's break down the receiving core situation shall we? On the bad we have Santonio Holmes coming off a Lisfranc injury which he may never recover from, plus he may get cut in the future as he's grossly over-paid and we have Stephen Hill who is a project with a lot of potential that we still haven't tapped and has a bit of an injury bug, on the good we have Jeremy Kerley and hopefully Braylon Edwards who may be able to help Hill develop. While Braylon would be nice to have in our receiving core I don't think he has much gas left in the tank to be starter for much longer especially considering the hamstring problems that have hindered him for the past 2 years. So the only receiver we are guaranteed to get high production out of is the slot receiver Kerley with no outside guys. With that we'll need a good outside receiver. Marcus Davis similar to Santonio Holmes: he has great agility and pretty good speed, he has good hands (unlike Stephen Hill) and he's usually a good blocker. My problems with him is I said he's a good blocker, usually, when he's not trying to block his effort is atrocious sometimes giving up huge run play(s), also he's only been a one year starter so we don't have a good pool of data to pluck from, and finally he's been a much simpler offense than the NFL's which may take some time to learn. But I feel the pros in his athleticism and big play making ability way outweigh his cons which can be ironed out during training camp or early in the season. I think deeper into the future Davis, Stephen Hill, and Kerley, along with our future receivers will be a great receiving core.

Round 6

Omoregie Uzzi OG, Georgia Tech


You may be thinking that I'm addressing the offensive line issue a bit late but I'm not, OG's tend to fly off the draft board a little slower than most other positions. With Brandon Moore or Matt Slauson probably leaving (preferably neither but what's the likeliness of that happening) we'll need a new guard as Vlad Ducasse is definitely not ready to be a starter or at least not without some competition. Omoregie Uzzi is not Chance Warmick, but the Jets are likely not going draft Chance as the OLB position is a bigger need to fill. Omoregie Uzzi was an important part of Georgia Tech's top 4 Run Blocking O-line and could be a viable replacement for Moore or Slauson while maybe rotating in and out with Vlad Ducasse.

Round 7

Cameron Lawrence OLB Mississipi State


Garret McIntyre is better than Bryan Thomas but he isn't great and the Jets could probably use someone in rotation with him in order to get maximum production out of our OLB's. Cameron Lawrence is aggressive and will help us block up the run, he does struggle with pass protection though but that's why we rotate him in with McIntyre. Even if he doesn't pan out we do still have McIntyre and Lawrence can contribute on special teams.

Idea for Defense: Switch to a 4-3 Defense full time

I'm hoping we can resign Mike Devito as he's versatile, a good presence in the locker room, and very loyal to the team as I've heard in the SNY interviews. If we keep him, we have way more talent of the D-Line than we will in the Linebacking Core, we could have Mo' Wilkerson and Quinton Coples at DE, have Mike Devito rotate between DE and DT and have Sione Pouha and Kenrick Ellis at full time DT. As of now I don't think we have or will have the OLB's to have a 3-4 defense.

Link to my other Mock Draft(s):

Second Draft:

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