Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Mike Glennon vs Clemson 2012 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Mike Glennon vs FSU (2012) (via Eric Stoner)

6-7, 235
2012: 4032 yds, 58%, 31 TDs and 17 INTs

I love this guy's arm talent. He can threaten any part of the field at any time. And because of that arm juice and ability to threaten the deep part of the field, things really open up for him with the underneath crossing routes and backs leaking into the flats. I think that in a West Coast Offense, and offense predicated on timing routes and crossing routes, I think you want one of two types of QBs: 1) an extremely accurate and heady guy; a guy that can quickly dissect coverage and make anticipatory throws with excellent ball placement; or 2) a guy who has the arm juice to put the ball on guys in a flash when the window comes open. Glennon is obviously the latter. I think he's a good fit in the system, but he's a rough stone that needs some polishing. Hopefully, Mornhinwheg can work some of the magic he has in the past with Glennon if we nab him.

The personnel, as it is, is a good fit. We have a tall, speedy deep threat in Hill that can blow the top off of coverage. We have Holmes who is excellent at running precision routes and crossing routes and picking up YAC. We have Kerley who is a demon to deal with underneath. McKnight is an excellent explosive option leaking out of the backfield. All we need is a TE to work the seams and drags/crosses (Keller would be nice if cheap, but Cumberland isn't a bad fit).

The knock on Glennon is that he's not good under pressure and his mechanics get screwy. But, imo, he didn't have very good protection and his receivers had HORRIBLE hands. And young guys with big arms tend to cheat with their mechanics because they can get away with it. These diseases are curable, and Mornhinwheg is a very good QB doctor.

I would be very excited about Glennon if we drafted him. I wouldn't want to see him start right away, though. I think he should sit for a year to absorb the system and adjust to the speed of the game and the monster market of NY. But I think he has a really high ceiling, and the stuff he ran in college seems very similar to the type of stuff he'd probably run here, as far as route combos and the like.
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