Full first round mock, followed by additional jets picks

So its offseason time for us jet fans and everyone has their opinion on what we should do to sort this mess out. Heres a first round mock draft for all teams just to get a little idea of how things shape up and then what i think the jets should and could do in the rounds that follow.

There are some trades that take place but nothing I think too drastic.

1. Trade - kansas city 1st round (1st overall) to San diego chargers 2013 1st round (11th) 2013 3rd round(76th) 2014 1st and 4th - San diego selects - Luke Joekell Texas A&M - A trade for the number 1 pick really? yes really. hasn't happened in a few years but the times are a changing. This is a desperation move by the chargers who have to keep rivers upright. When he has time the guy can win your team a lot of games but he spent half his time this year on his back. Joekell has the potential to be the best LT in the league. Kansas can move back in the draft and stockpile more picks for the future.

2. Jacksonville jaguars - Bjoern Werner DE FSU - Werner is in my opinion the best pure DE in the draft. He cant play 3-4 OLB because he just doesnt seem fluid enough in space but at DE the guy is an absolute monster. The jags need help desperately in the pass rush and Werner makes that happen straight away.

3. Oakland raider - Geno smith QB WVU - The raiders take a gamble on smith with this pick. Im not as high on him as everyone else and dont believe he will be elite but saying that he is the best QB in the class and has all the tools I just question some of his decision making under pressure.

4. Philidelphia eagles - Damontre moore DE/OLB Texas A&M - Reports are strong that Chip Kelly wants a 3-4 defense in Philli, Damontre moore would be a perfect fit as a 3-4 OLB.

5. Detroit Lions - Dee Milliner CB alabama - The lions have needed a CB for years and it has killed them for years. Millinier is not only the BPA but fits a need too.

6. Cleveland browns - Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU - The browns need a pass rusher its that simple. Ansah for me is going to be one of the guys that absolutely kills it at the combine and workouts and shoots up everyones draft boards. Hes a physical freak and is compare to JPP.

7. Arizona cardinals - Bekeverious Mingo DE LSU - The cardinals get a much needed speed rusher in mingo a guy that can attack the edge and get to the QB.

8. Trade - Bills 1st (8th overall) to Rams 1st (16th) 2nd and 4th. - Rams - Keenan Allen WR Cal - The rams jump up in front of a few teams that need WR help. Bradford needs weapons and Allen is one heck of a weapon. Some speculate he could fall on draft day due to a current injury i dont see that happening, the kid is a big fast and physical receiver, bradford will love him.

9. NY Jets - Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon - This is my guy in the first round, Jordan is the one guy i look at and think 'wow you are going to be great'. I looked at us possibly trading down as so many of you wish but i just dont see it happening. This pick is BPA and fills a huge need for us.

10. Trade - Tennessee titans 1st round pick to Carolina panthers (1st and 3rd) - Panthers - Star Lotulelei DT Utah - This is a massive steal for the panthers, they need a DT desperately and the best one in the draft drops enough for them to jump up and snag him.

11. Kansas City chiefs - Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse - Remember when andy reid picked a QB from syracuse 2nd overall and was mocked for it? yeh That turned out ok and this pick is a great pick for the chiefs Nassib is a very good QB with all the tools and experience. The chiefs grab their franchise qb albeit 10 picks later than everyone thought.

12. Miami Dolphins - Tavon Austin WR WVU - Bit early? I dont think so. The dolphins need exlposive weapons for Tannehill and they dont come much more explosive than austin.

13. Tampa Bay buccaneers - Xavier Rhodes CB FSU - The bucs need a CB, and I love Rhodes. He reminds me so much of cromartie and I think he can be even better. He doesnt shy away from contact although he does miss tackles occasionally. He has true shutdown corner potential.

14. Tennessee titans - Chance Warmack OG alabama - Warmack is one of the best interior linemen to come out in years he is easily BPA and fills a big need for the titans.

15. New orleans saints - Eric fisher OT Central michigan - Big need for the saints to protect Brees' blindside. Fisher is easily the second best OT in the draft and is a franchise LT.

16. Buffalo Bills - Mike Glennon QB N.C State - The bills need a Qb its that simple. Glennon has got a lot of hype surrounding him at the moment and could easily go before this pick but the bills will feel very happy with this selection.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia - The steelers have been looking to get an ILB since last years draft and Ogletree would be agreat fit for them, Te'o could be an option but his draft stock looks to be taking a hit from recent news stories.

18. Dallas cowboys - Johnthan hankins NT ohio state - With the switch to a 4-3 D the cowboys need some interior bulk on the D line and they get a steal with hankins falling to them.

19. NY Giants - Manti Te'o MLB Notre Dame - Theres one thing the giants have needed for what seems like forever and that is a MLB. Due to bad publicity Te'o falls to them and they get a great MLB for their Defence.

20. Chicago Bears - Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame - Bears need weapons on offense, Eiferts blend of solid blocking and good athleticism make him the perfect pick at this point.

21. Cincinnati bengals - Sam montgomery DE LSU - The bengals generated a lot of sacks with interior pressure last year but had no name DE's who couldnt capatalise on the opportunities. Montgomery is a very good DE and helps make an up and coming bengals D even better.

22. St louis rams - Jonathan Cooper G North carolina - The rams line is terrible, specially on the interior. Cooper can come straight in and play from day one.

23. Minnesota vikings - Cordarelle Patterson WR Tennessee - The vikings need some athleticism in their WR corps and Patterson would be an ideal fit.

24. Indianapolis Colts - Barrett Jones G/OT Alabama - The colts take jones due to the versatility he possesses on being able to play any position on the O-line. They can plug him in at G day one and have a solid starter for many years.

25. Trade Seahawks 1st rounder to Arizona cardinals 2014 1st and 2013 3nd - Cardinals - Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas - The cardinals deal with seattle to move back into the 1st round to pick up their franchise QB.

26. Green bay packers - Kevin Minter MLB LSU - The run defense of the packers was a disaster toward the end of the season and an MLB is a big need. Minter is a hard hitting linebacker who will be the cure for the shaky run defense.

27. Houston Texans - John Jenkins NT Georgia - JJ Watt was a beast last year but toward the end of the season double teams became a big problem for him. Jenkins can take away those double teams and improve this already great defense.

28. Denver broncos - Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi state - The broncos secondary needs help, bailey is getting on in years and cant do it all himself, banks is BPA and fills a big need.

29. New england Patriots - Kenny Veccaro S Texas - The patsimprove their defense with the best S in the draft and their years long search for a suitable safety are ended.

30. Atlanta Falcons - Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri - The falcons D line is by far the poorest part of the team. They cannot generate any sort of pressure. Richardson fills a massive need and at this point in the draft is a steal.

31. Baltimore Ravens - Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia - Jones takes a massive fall in this draft due to big concerns over his medical issues. The ravens happily scoop him up as the BPA on their board.

32. San Francisco 49ers - Justin Hunter WR Tennessee - Give kaepernick more weapons? why not the kid can only grow and Hunter is a great weapon for him to have.

So there it is my first round...

Now to round out what i think the jets should do.

2nd round - Eric Reid S LSU - The way it falls Reid is BPA and a need for us. He can replace landry and be a very effective safety for many years.

3rd round - Brandon Jenkins DE/OLB FSU - Jenkins is an abolute beast. His draft stock has fallen hard as he was injured first game of the season. But the guy is an absolute sack machine if he falls to us here we pick him no matter what.

4th round - Marcus Lattimore RB South carolina - LAttimore is a great RB prospect. He is very injury prone having sustained numerouns leg injuries but if we think a good nfl doctor can sort this out then he could be a steal in the 4th.

5th round - Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin - We need to grab some help for the O line and Wagner is a versatile player who can play RT or G.

6th round - Brandon Ford TE Clemson - Ford used to be dwayne Alenns backup and stepped up to be a good TE prospect in 2012.

7th. Jordan Rogers - QB VAnderbilt - Aaron rogers' younger brother, looks like a solid QB prospect could grow into a reliable backup QB for many years.

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