Jets Mock Draft 2013

1st Rd (9th overall)- **Trade to St. Louis Rams for 16th and 46th**

1st Rd (16th overall)- Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB, BYU

- Ansah has a lot of raw talent, but I believe he has the capability to learn and be shaped into a great OLB or DE under Rex Ryan. He's huge and monstrous. His stock is rising and it is believed at the end of the combine his stock will rise dramatically. His situation is very similar to that of JPP.

2nd Rd (39th overall)- Gio Bernard RB, North Carolina

- The Jets desperately need a premier back and Shonn Greene is not the man for the job. Gio Bernard may be under valued because of his size, but that didn't stop him at NC, leading the ACC in rushing yards. It was believed that he could've been a possible Heisman candidate. Bernard could be the Jets new premier back if he's given the chance. I'm really high on this pick and pray the Jets use their 2nd rounder on him.

2nd Rd (46th overall)- Robert Woods WR, USC

- With desperate needs at WR, the Jets need a playmaker. Robert Woods can do just that. After Santonio Holmes was out for the season, Stephen HIll was expected to step up. He dissappointed. Woods was a proven standout last year and will probably be the best WR left on the board this far into the draft. With Woods, Kerly, Holmes, and Hill (if he decides to show up in games) the Jets won't have the best Receiving core, but a solid one enough to win games.

3rd Rd (73rd overall)- Jordan Reed TE, Florida

- Dustin Keller's time with the Jets may be coming to an end. In my opinion, I believe Keller was highly overrated just because of his chemistry with Sanchez. If able to, I believe the Jets should try and re-sign Keller at the right price, however, they're needs to be a back up plan. I believe Jordan Reed is just that guy. Jordan Reed shows a lot of signs that he can catch, run, and cut like a receiver. He's not a great blocker, but has good hands and room to improve. Reed wouldn't be my first choice at TE, however he would probably be the best on the board. Reed has a lot of room to improve, so don't be to discouraged.

4th Rd (105th overall)- Best OT on the board

- I don' t know many OT's in the draft, however, I do know the Jets are in a desperate need for an OT. Austin Howard may be a termporary answer, but he is not the answer the Jets are looking for. The Jets need an OT who will actually contain the line and give the QB time to throw. Especially under MM's pass friendly system, the Jets are gonna need an O-line that can contain the defense.

5th Rd- Matt Scott, QB, Arizona

-The Jets are in a desperate need at QB. Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER be the answer for gang green. However, the 2013 Draft is not a draft full of superstar QB's. Luckily for the Jets, the 2014 Draft will be better in the QB class than this years. As a Jets fan, it's tough to say that next season, we will have a very poor team with many holes. That being the case, I project the Jets having a very high 1st rd pick next year and drafting a franchise QB. But as for now, the Jets still need a QB. I would pick E.J. Manuel because of his accuracy, however, it is very unlikely he will still be on the board this late in the draft. If he is still on the board, I'd take Manuel. If he's not, I'd take Matt Scott. Scott is a decent QB but was a solid starter for Arizona and had some good moments in his senior year. If I were coach, I'd rather give Scott a chance in the NFL then have Mark Sanchez playing. In my opinion, I think the Jets should use 2013 to experiment with Greg McElroy or Matt Scott. With the Jets already heading for a rough 2013 season, I say there's nothing to lose with these guys. I would also look into free agent QB's like Jason Campbell. I know what you're thinking, this kids an idiot. But lets be honest. Would you rather have Campbell or Sanchez starting for your team? Campbell has put up decent numbers in his career and I wouldn't mind giving him a chance. I would love to get a QB like Alex Smith or Matt Flynn, but with what money? The Jets are already way over the cap and we need to conserve, not make the hole bigger than it already it is. I say in 2013, the Jets should be giving guys a chance to prove themselves, and maybe, one of them will prove to be elite.

6th Rd- Best SS on the board

- A similar case with the OG's, I don't know many SS. However, with Laron Landry being a free agent, and having a successful season last year, he will probably be out of the Jets' price range. I believe the Jets would be able to re-sign Yeremiah Bell because of his age, however, the Jets are going to need more than Yeremiah Bell. Hopefully, this draftee will be the answer.

7th Rd- Best OG on the board

-With Brandon Moore and Matt Slauson being free agents next year, the Jets might have a huge problem. I believe the Jets will at least sign one of the two, but I don't think Jets fans want to be put under a situation where Vladmir Ducasse is your starting guard. Use this pick wisely and take the best OG on the board.

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