Rob Ryan - a good candidate for LB Coach?

Looking at the Jets coaching staff, I noticed that we're missing a LB coach. Position coaches have been hard for me to figure out who the really good candidates are. They usually end up being people I've never heard about....or former DCs who used to coach the position. May I present a reasonably talented candidate for the position: Rob Ryan (aka Rex Ryan with a pillow under his shirt)

Rob Ryan's reputation as a Defensive Coordinator is one of failing to live up to any expectations with even above average defensive talent. He had the Cowboys Defense for 2 straight years and failed to get the defense to step it up even when they controlled their own destinies in both years. (Granted some of those problems were Tony Romo's ineptitude, but many of the defensive struggles midseason put them in those positions in the first place)

But what Rob as a LB Coach? We've been reminded time and again that he won 2 Superbowls coaching the New England LBs. He got Willie McGinest and Tedy Bruschi to the Pro Bowl for only their 2nd and 1st times respectively.

Now let's look at some of the individual LBs he helped develop:

In addition, while he was in Dallas, Sean Lee became a real force at LB in 2011 and DeMarcus Ware made the Pro Bowl/All-Pro Team two more times.

Cleveland was a bit of a fluke problem for LBs since D'Qwell Jackson only played in 6 games out of Rob's 32 games there.

In Oakland, Kirk Morrison made over 100 tackles in each year Rob was there, and hasn't done it once since. Don't forget Danny Clark - who also had over 100 tackles from '04-'05 and had only done it once in his 4 years before. Thomas Howard also had over 95 tackles each year Rob Ryan was there.

Now that you've seen a reasonable list of LBs Rob has developed, let's talk about the main problem people have with him joining the Jets: conflicts of interest and loyalty between Rob and Rex.

Let's get a few things clear:

1. Rob is not likely to get a DC job this year (most of the positions have been filled and his failure with Dallas didn't help his stock), so first and foremost he's going to want to go somewhere where he can rebuild his reputation as a *cough cough* Defensive genius. Where better to go than the Jets? Which has some of the weakest LB play we've seen on TV, often in pass rush but especially in stopping the run.

2. As far as Rex vs. Rob goes, unless the Jets have a slam dunk draft and slam dunk FA, Rex is a goner by or before January 2014, so I really don't think the GM (presumably Idzik now) is going to care how well they get along if Rex is gone next year and he can choose a HC that CAN get along with Rob as his LB coach. (This is of course a very conspiracy theory-esque idea, but considering many Jets moves recently, do you really see this idea as being THAT farfetched?)

3. This hiring would have the one element that we all know appeals as much or more to Mr. Johnson as winning: Headlines

Ok. Maybe my rationale weren't as clear as some of the immediate flaws that some of you have presented recently. Nevertheless, considering how much we feel the LBs have been the Achilles heel of the Defense in the last year or several, I truly feel Rob Ryan may be the best candidate available to coach the new LB corps.

But I'd like to hear your opinions on the idea, as well as alternative names you may have for the positions.

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