Draft Look: If The Jets Get A Running Back Who Do You Prefer?



It looks like the Jets might not be able to tie up Shonn Greene this season. Greene is coming off back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons, and he will most likely be looking for a bigger contract. With the current financial ties that the Jets have, it does not look like they will be able to secure Greene. If this is the case the Jets will have to find a back in the draft to pair with Powell. Here are some options:

Kenjon Barner (Oregon) 5'11'' 195 lbs.

Oregon is known for producing speed demons. Barner lives up to this mold. He has been said to run a 4.28 40 yard dash. Barner is bigger than former Oregon speedster LaMichael James and more instinctive. Barner's final season total (with bowl statistics) came out to be 1,767 yards and 21 touchdowns on 278 carries. Barner is also known as a special teams threat. Barner is noted for his straight burst speed that can leave defenders in the dust. He can lower his pad level at the moment of contact. He also has fairly decent hands. Many question his lean build, which has been a weakness in his career (weak upper body strength has led to fumbles). He has had some traffic violations and off-field issues during his tenure at Oregon. Overall he is a solid late round prospect.

Le'Veon Bell (Michigan State) 6'2'' 244 lbs.

Bell burst on to the scene this year, carrying a Michigan State offense that relied heavily on the run. This season bell carried the ball 382 times for 1,793 yards and 12 touchdowns. He is a workhorse with a big frame that can take a beating. He is not a stand out in any category, but he is a balance of speed,size, and instinct. He can carry his frame well and is athletic (his leaping ability is tremendous He has played fairly physical Big Ten defenses and has proved his ability against them. What is most intriguing about Bell is his ability to keep his legs moving after contact. Many critics say he can't run east and west very well. Analysts also judge his speed and vision. He should also be a third or fourth round pick.

Eddie Lacy (Alabama) 6'0'' 220 lbs.

Lacy proved his worth this season showing his workhorse ethic and tenacity. He has a solid NFL ready frame. Lacy is a student of the game playing behind Ingram and Richardson. Lacy hits the hole tremendously hard. He displays pure power. He accelerates at a rapid pace through the gaps. Many question his stability and injury prone body (he has been hampered with numerous injuries like a nagging foot injuries and ankle sprains. He is projected to fall in the second round somewhere.

Stepfan Taylor (Stanford) 5'10'' 215 lbs.

Taylor had a strong season rushing for 1530 yards and turning in 13 touchdowns on 322 carries. He is a thick built back with a forward lean that pushes him forward in short yardage. He has a good burst and hard running style that breaks arm tackles. On the outside he can throw a tough stiff arm that buys him time to create space. He has average speed that may hurt his draft stock. He's not a quick back, so don't look for him to make a one cut and go. He tends to dance around in the hole if he feels pressure. His blocking in the pass game is questionable. Taylor will need to put in the work and impress scouts. He has untapped potential, and should fall somewhere in the fourth or fifth round.

Overall There are many good backs to choose from. It is not an overwhelming need, but one that needs to be adressed. If available in later rounds, the Jets should pursue a steady running back. What is the consensus on running backs in the draft? Any other good options?

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