Free Agency Frenzy: What The Jets Should Do...



After a tumultuous season, the Jets are frantically aiming to find a GM and address personnel issues this off-season. The fact is the Jets are stuck with Mark Sanchez due to financial ties. As unappealing as it is, the Jets need to address the issue and pursue other off-season targets that fit the cap and benefit the team (mostly the anemic offense).

The Jets should do everything in their power to lock up safeties Yeremiah Bell and Laron Landry. If Bell and Landry are not signed by March they will fall into the free agent market. The major problem is cost...together their cap hit is $4 million. Of the $4 million, 2.625 was Landry's and he is now seeking more money after a pro-bowl season. The Jets need to aim for cap room around or more than $8.7 million. The issue is that half of that cap space will be designated to signing draft picks. If the new GM can mastermind a scheme to tie up the safeties and address other needs, he will prove to be worthy.

The Jets should consider signing Braylon Edwards again. In his three games as a Jet in 2012 he snagged 10 passes for 125 yards. He's familiar with the system and has a comfortable relationship with Sanchez. Edwards won't be asking for much and could pair in a tandem with a healthy Santonio Holmes.

The franchise tag should be waived by the Jets this season. Landry's contract prohibits the use of the tag, Dustin Keller is leaning towards free agency, and financially the Jets can't afford it right now. Hypothetically speaking, if the Jets were to tag Landry his profits could nearly double. He would earn nearly $6 million.

The Jets might need to play the waiting game. I personally am opposed to pursuing a quarterback like Michael Vick, however the Eagles may waive him to clear cap space or to work with different personnel (this may not be the case now with the addition of Chip Kelly). Perhaps the 49ers will part ways with Alex Smith. It is unlikely, but at the same time possible to happen.

Many questions can and should be answered in the draft. Many people are pushing for the Jets to draft Barkevious Mingo (LSU) in the first round. The 6'4'' 240lb junior is built to be a stand up pass rusher. He's lightening fast (4.57 40yd dash) and instinctive. Another interesting prospect is Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones. Jones was a first team all american and all time leader in sacks during his tenure at Georgia. Jones has adequate size (6'3'' 241 lbs) and speed to play at the next level.

An interesting late round pick could come in the form of a running back. Kenjon Barner is an intriguing prospect out of Oregon. Barner is explosive and deceptive at times. He rushed for 1,624 yards and 21 touchdowns on 248 carries. On record Barner has ran a 4.28 40 yard dash. He would pair nice in the backfield with Greene (if he signs) and Powell.

There are numerous options the Jets can pursue this off-season. Some are better than others, however the Jets need to focus on finding a GM and moving forward. Smart drafting will be beneficial. Time and patience is key, but patience is wearing thin amongst many fans. Hopefully the Jets make moves that are positive this off-season.

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