Hang In There Jets Fans, It Should Get Better...

As another Jets football season comes to an end us Jets fans are stuck left looking to the future with many questions and no answers...Again. IMO there hasn't been a more embarrassing more lackluster, & painful season than the infamous 96' season. Us fans need to come to grips that this football team is most likely not going to be a winning one for at least 2 years and probably wont be at least a .500 team for 3.

December 29, 2008- One day after the final game of the season after losing to the Dolphins and watching them win the AFC East Title in our house. One day after the whole Brett Favre experiment failed and Mangini got the axe I saw my self saying "here we go again, time to rebuild", so here the Jets sit head coach less and now have no starting quarterback. What was our plan? did we have one? Or were we going slip back to being irrelevant for years again like the 90's?

January 19, 2009- Twenty days after the failed 2008 season I was sitting outside on my lunch break at work when I got a text from my now ex-wife telling me that the Jets had hired a new head coach. All giddy and curious like hell I responded "WHO!?" about 10 minutes went by when I finally got a response that read "Rex Ryan, and I'll just say this, wait till u see his presser, your are going love this guy"! That had me curious as hell, honestly I knew of Rex Ryan, but I didn't know about him.

So needless to say I could not wait to get home. All day I was walking around work in an excited mood telling all my football junkie buddies that we had hired a new head coach, and of course they were cracking their BS jokes, what else is new to a Jets fan? Right?

After work I rushed home and turned on my DVR to watch the press conference, and man from Jump Street I was sold, never had I ever watched a new head coach presser quite like this one. I was yelling cursing and and walking around the house with my chest puffed out and neck deep in Internet forums and fan blogs. I new that a new era in New York Jets football had been born, I could feel it.

As the '09 season got underway we came out flying, starting off the Rex Ryan era 3-0. Something was telling me we hit something with Rex and Sanchez, I was drinking the cool-aid like it was going out of style. While we didn't improve record wise we got back to the playoffs, and boy what a run we went on. As heartbreaking as the loss to Indy in the 09 AFCCG was to me I felt very optimistic heading into the 2010 season, not a Jet fan alive didn't feel the same way.

September 13, 2010- Opening night, we had just lost to the Ravens on Monday Night Football in a sloppy offensive 9-10 game, but I wasn't to concerned we had just played a heck of a football game on the defensive side (and despite the offensive woes and despite being flagged for 15 penalties we still only lost by 1 point) . My concern was, how do we respond to that? Well, we responded by winning five straight before losing to the eventual Super Bowl champs Green Bay Packers in another offensive sloppy 0-9 game. Again I wasn't to worried after that loss because the Packers were a pretty darn good football team and we were 5-2. But in current NYJ fashion we responded by pounding out four straight victories before falling flat on our faces against the Patriots on Monday Night Football 45-3.

Now that one worried me some, we were 9-2 sitting pretty in the AFC and if we win this game and we are in 1st place in the East and the NO.1 seed pretty much in our grasp and we lay an egg. I wasn't sure what to expect after this loss I was kind of scared, because in our previous 2 losses we hadn't loss by more than 9 points and now we lose by 42, what was wrong with us?

January 2, 2010- We finished the 2010 season crushing the Bills 38-7 and cruised into the playoffs at 11-5. What a playoff run we had in 2010 probably one of the most memorable in franchise history beating both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in their stadiums, only to lose to the Steelers in the AFCCG, another heart wrenching moment for me. This off-season I wasn't sure what to expect with "Lockout" looming in front of us, I hoped we could build on what we had started the previous 2 seasons, only that didn't happen in 2011.

The 2011 off-season saw the departures of key talent like Damien Woody, Kris Jenkins, Jerricho Cotchery, & Dwight Lowery and replaced with Plaxico Burress, Derrick Mason, & Aaron Maybin. I figured it might be good enough to plug in and pick up where we left off in 2010. Again that didn't happen. After winning our first 2 games we went on to lose 3 straight. A tad concerned I thought we can right the ship and we did we went on to win 3 straight and sat a game above .500 at 4-3. After losing back to back games against the Pats and Broncos we won 3 consecutive and were still in the playoff hunt at 8-5. With the Eagles, Giants, & Dolphins left I thought we could go 11-5 again or 10-6 and still get back to the postseason, boy was I wrong we end up losing the last 3 games, missed the playoffs, and that's when everything just started falling apart.

The 2012 off-season was full of what if's and was just a flat out circus. It started off with the signing of Drew Stanton to provide some competition for Sanchez so far so good. Next we traded for Tim Tebow in a trade that made scratch my head feeling clueless, after that we trade Stanton to Indy now were backtracking. Later on we trade for Jeff Otah in a trade that was soon voided because Otah failed to pass his physical. Next was the disastrous pre-season that followed, one in which we didn't score a single touchdown until Week 4. Everyone was Panicking except me, something inside me was telling we would be OK, and the week 1 thrashing of the Bills made me feel even better and had everyone else eating crow, at least for now. Things took a turn for the worst after we lost Revis and Homes for the season. We would go on to finish the 2012 season at 6-10 and that bring us to where we are at now.

January 13, 2013- 13 days after the final game of the season, 13 days after the whole Tim Tebow experiment failed and Tanny got the axe I'm saying to my self "here we go again, time to rebuild", so here the Jets sit with no GM and no known starting quarterback. What is our plan? do we have one? I think we do, its all about executing it though.

in closing I'll leave you with this, stay positive Jets fan, the next 2-3 years could and probably will be bumpy, just bare with it, its nothing we haven't been through before, we'll bounce back, we always do. So Lets see what happens and take it a day at time and GO JETS!!!, and for some of you (like me) look on the bright side, baseball season is almost here... Talk to ya soon...

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