Haters, haters, go away, come back another day.

"The Jets have no offense".

"The Jets are a circus".

"The Jets have two horrible QBs".

"Stephen Hill can't catch, or run routes".

"Tony Sparano can onlly score field goals".

"The defense is old and slow".

"The offensive line is horrible".

"Revis? Overrated".

Let me just start by saying that I had high expectations for the Jets this game. The other day, I predicted a 35-14 win. However, today, the Jets pleasantly surprised me, exceeding my expectations. I could not wait to see them play a game that counted, after a very long offseason in which they were constantly scrutinized. They did not dissapoint.

"The Jets have no offense". The first team offense did not score a touchdown in the preseason. However, they were able to score 4 today. 3 through the air, and 1 on the ground. It feels like this is the first time in years that the Jets were able to score in the first quarter. And you know what? They were able to keep it up, going into half up 27-7.

"The Jets are a circus". Yes, Rex Ryan lost pulse of the Jets last year. and yes, the Jets imploded at the end of last year. However, today the Jets looked like a very disciplined today. They only committed 5 penalties. They did not play sloppy. Disciplined.

"The Jets have two horrible QBs". Despite Sanchez improving every year of his career, the media still thought that Sanchez was "horrible" last year. Tebow might be a horrible QB, but Sanchez isn't. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that today Sanchez had the best game in his career. Playoffs included. Sanchez was extremely accurate today, completing 70% of his passes. He threw for 3 touchdowns. He had a QB rating of 123.4! I'd go as far as to say that Sanchez actually carried the offense today. The Jets running game was mediocre. Yet, Sanchez was decisive in throwing the ball, and was able to work the ball down the field. His performance could have even looked better if Holmes was able to stay in bounds on a beautifully thrown pass in the endzone, and if it weren't for a questionable spot on Kerley's catch in the redzone. The truth is, Sanchez has never been a "horrible" QB. He's been mediocre for the majority of his career. But today he gave people good reason to think that he is becoming a good QB. He also gives people good reason to believe Rex Ryan when he says that Sanchez might finally be a strength rather than a weakness.

"Stephen Hill can't catch, or run routes". Yes, Stephen Hill dropped a decent amount of balls in the preseason. Yes, he comes from an option offense where he did not really get a chance to develop his route running. However, Stephen Hill surprised me today. Many people, even Jets fans, thought he would only be a deep threat this year, drawing more coverage to him than balls caught. However, what I saw today, was a guy who was able to use his speed to beat people deep, as well as somebody who was able to go across the middle of the field and catch some balls. He might be a little more NFL-ready than everyone thought.

"Tony Sparano can only score field goals". Pointing back to his time with Miami, apparently the Dolphins would get down to the redzone only to not be able to score touchdowns and having to settle for field goals. However, that is not what I saw today. I saw plays where the offense was taking shots at the endzone at appropriate times. They weren't stalling in the redzone, or shooting themselves in the foot. The offense wasn't extremely predictable. Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is no Brian Schottenheimer. He called a great game. I don't remember saying at any point during the game, "what kind of playcall was that?!", which is something that Schotty made us do 10+ times a game.

"The defense is old and slow". That didn't seem to be the case today. The defense looked ferocious. They were up 41-7, before letting up during garbage time in the 4th quarter. The jets were flying around in the backfield on running plays. They were getting pressure and hitting the quarterback on multiple occasions, although left the game sackless. Landry is an absolute BEAST. He was killing guys out there.

"The offensive line is horrible". Yes, they were pretty bad last year, and sucked this preseason. But they were dominant today. I can only remember Sanchez getting hit once. Other than that, he had a great pocket to work with. Howard had an amazing game against Williams. Is Wayne Hunter really that bad? He must be. It's amazing what one player can do to an offensive line. If Howard can continue to hold his own and do his job, like he did today, then it's very possible that the offensive line can be one of the best units again.

"Revis? Overrated". Whoever says that is just a fool in my opinion. Yes, Stevie Johnson had a couple of mediocre games against Revis last year. But in no way does he "own" him. Revis is the best non-QB in the NFL. Hands down. He had a beautiful pick, and showed his incredible athleticism in knocking down another pass. Despite being thrown at a surprisingly good amount, I can only recall him giving up 3 short passes. He's the best at what he does. End of discussion.

Here we have all the "problems" overanalyzed by the media and fans this offseason, and in week one, the Jets answered all of them. They absolutely dominated the Bills, and played a complete game. So, here is what I have to say: Haters, haters, go away, come back another day.

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